A Quintessentially Boring Week. *sigh*

May 20, 2009 17:53

I'm not quite sure why I got the sudden desire to compose a blog entry. Maybe it is my extreme hunger because my father just HAD to go pick up his girlfriend's car to bring it back home to fix it or something while she is in Florida. I just had a small bowl of chicken and dumplings (leftovers) for lunch and that was before noon. I also relented and allowed myself the pleasure of a three hour nap this afternoon because my grandmother's bed feels like a rock, but she did make me dinner last night and it was scrumptious so I'll forgive her this one time.

I have decided that since all it seems I will be doing this summer is sitting here on my fat behind getting fatter, I have a few tasks to accomplish. For one, I need to study my Japanese because I believe one of the key factors that got me into graduate school was the fact I have a minor in Japanese. The fact that I can barely speak the language probably will not go over well with them, so I have my textbooks and my dictionaries and I plan on studying. And I saw a kanji dictionary at the used book store this morning so I might have to go back and get that, as well. Secondly, I want to bolster my vocabulary just because I can. I mean, I'm going to be in graduate school; I'll need a few more good words to throw around willy nilly. I'm subscribed to both the English and Japanese Word of the Day email's, so I'm going to try!

Yesterday, besides getting a link out of my new watch removed, I saw Star Trek again with my mother, and yes, I still have a thing for Zach Quinto. If anything, it's bigger now. I watched interviews with him last night for hours (I was at my grandparents' house and they were watching shows I hate) so yes, I can testify that he's amazing. And I picked up a book he thought was interesting circa two years ago, so I'll give that a read when I finish The Time Traveler's Wife (whoever suggested that to me is genius - thanks a lot!).

I'm going to try and blog more because maybe this will help stimulate my creative process so I can add a thirdly to that list. I want to finish my screenplay by the end of this summer. I'm 25 pages in and aiming for about 120 or 130, and plan on cutting that down to 110 or even 100. It's posted somewhere in the past on my journal, if you want to sneak a peek and see if you have any advice. That would be much obliged.

So my dad is ordering pizza, but until then, something knocked over my compost heap box so I get to go shovel a year's worth of compost back into it. I need an actual box for it, not something made out of cinder blocks. Oh, well. Toodles!

PS. Unlike ZQ's blogs, I use proper English grammar, capitalization, and punctuation in my blogging. *pats self on back* Well, I must admit as a former English major (before Political Science), I am obsessive compulsive about correctness. True dat.

PS2. I'll be in NY/NJ visiting my mom's friend and then finding an apartment in South Orange from July 17th to July 24th. I will be in NYC July 23rd only though. I'm sad.

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