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Apr 13, 2021 10:47

Children Eating (картинка из интернета)

Как работать с картинкой:

Вы говорите ребенку утверждение, ребенок отвечает только yes, no, I don't know

1. There are 5 kids in the photo.
2. They are drinking tea.
3. They are eating.
4. They are eating chicken.
5. They are eating lunch.
6. We can see an apple.
7. The apple is green.
8. The apple is sweet.
9. The apple is red and yellow.
10. The apple is round.
11. The girl in the middle has glasses.
12. She has black hair.
13. She has curly hair.
14. She is crying.
15. She is smiling.
16. She has a lunchbox.
17. The lunchbox is in the bag.
18. The lunchbox is on the table.
19. The kids are at school.
20. The kids are sitting at the table.
21. They are all eating sandwiches.
22. The sandwiches are very tasty.

english for kids

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