Musical Sunday: The Worst Pies in London

May 09, 2010 17:45

This week's selection is newer and more readily available than most of what I've chosen so far, but I discovered Sweeney Todd last summer and haven't gotten over the infatuation yet. From a story point of view, I find it immensely more satisfying than any other Tim Burton film I've tried, and Helena Bonham Carter is just fabulous in it. I almost ( Read more... )

in my world everyone bursts into song

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dragonpaws May 10 2010, 00:53:46 UTC
This has probably come up already, but have you heard Angela Lansbury playing this role? It's AMAZING:


snickfic May 10 2010, 01:16:38 UTC
Wow, that is quite different, isn't it? The movie version is so highly stylized that it's a bit of shock to actually be able to see the set. Plus Burton sexied it quite a bit. Angela Lansbury and the fellow opposite her are, on the face of it, far more believable.

And yet I do like Helena Bonham Carter so very much as Mrs. Lovett...

(Incidentally, this is yet another thing that makes me think of you and Mike - I know how much you like the musical, and then Mike played me the soundtrack when he took me to the Greyhound station.)


eowyn_315 May 10 2010, 01:45:40 UTC
This movie was the first time I'd ever seen Sweeney Todd, which is weird, because you'd think I'd be all about anything Sondheim. And yet I was kind of left with the reaction, "Yay, Johnny Depp! That is indeed very Sondheim, but I have no desire to see it again."

I happened to watch it back to back with Dr. Horrible, though, and the influence is OBVIOUS.


snickfic May 10 2010, 01:55:49 UTC
Other than West Side Story (which underwhelmed me the first time I saw it), this is the only Sondheim I've seen. It's extremely dark (both thematically and in terms of lighting!), but as I said, I found it quite satisfying in dramatic terms, especially the end. I can see how it wouldn't be to everyone's taste, though.

Interesting! I've only seen Dr. Horrible once and was, again, underwhelmed. Now I'm curious to watch it again with this in mind.

(Also, you shamed me into starting these up again, now that you started your own. About which I am quite tickled, by the way.)


rahirah May 10 2010, 02:06:51 UTC
Sondheim's very lightest work only aspires to a muddy grey. *g*

I thought that the movie was OK, but some of the things it cut for time (most of Johanna's motivation, for one) left me grumbling. I did, however, really really like what they did with Toby at the end. (The play has essentially the same ending, but it's interpreted very differently.)


snickfic May 10 2010, 02:10:44 UTC
Hmm, yes. I wasn't aware that Johanna had motivation. Then again, I wasn't aware that she did anything one would need motivation for. In fact, I though the young lovers subplot by far the weakest bit. (OTOH, their actors seemed to be the only ones of the bunch cast for their singing ability.)

Now I'm curious to see the end of the play version.


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