Musical Monday: Feed the Birds

Mar 29, 2010 13:35

It is now today and not yesterday; I plead spring break for the time warp.

Today we visit one of my favoritest movies ever, Mary Poppins. There are a number of fun, rowsing numbers like "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious" and "Fly a Kite," but my personal favorite (and the one I learned to play on the harmonica) is this one: "Feed the Birds." Soft, eerie, with a big background orchestral sound.

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Plus, today we have extra bonus Mary Poppins content! First, if you haven't seen the trailer for Mary Poppins as a horror film, then you must. Right this minute. I kind of don't get the point of traditional vidding, but this is another beast entirely, and it's superb.

And second, if you ever thought you maybe might want to ship Mary Poppins/Bert just a little bit, then you need to read Wind in the East, a Yuletide fic by DragoJustine that also ships them just a little bit. It's quiet and somewhat melancholy and very much in the spirit of the film.

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