Musical Sunday: You Got Trouble

Mar 21, 2010 21:56

I love musicals. You do, too. (If you don't, you should. You shall!) Hence Sunday is now "Here's a Really Fabulous Musical Number that Snick Likes a Bunch" Day here at The Blog.

First up is The Music Man, which for wordplay and cleverness and appealing characters and colorful ensemble pieces and wit and a librarian lead and a few other reasons is my very favorite musical. I found myself choosing between seven or eight really top-notch pieces, but settled on this one, which is iconic for a reason.

For one thing, yes, fun lyrics with interesting vocabulary. But most importantly: Robert Preston. He starred in the stage production for years before appearing in the film, and it shows. Every intonation, every expression is spot-on. He gives Professor Harold Hill all the charm a scheming salesman could wish for.

Without further ado, Robert Preston, ladies and gentlemen:

(The video cuts off about ten second early. Be forewarned.)

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in my world everyone bursts into song

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