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May 01, 2020 22:36

The last of my recent exchanges revealed, so now I can talk about what I've been writing lately!

Captain Marvel: a simple separate person, Carol/Yon-Rogg, 4k. Written for Smut4Smut for the prompt "forced to have sex to stay undercover." I'm not quite sure this worked, and I'm always a little nervous that my post-canon dynamic between these two isn't sharp-edged enough, but I did get to indulge myself in some mild xeno along the way, so that was fun.

The Lighthouse (2019): she sells seashells, Ephraim Winslow/mermaid, 2k. Oviposition fic written for Unusual Bearings. For the first time ever, I could have written ANY of my recip's five requests, including The Terror and Oasis. I started out thinking I was going to write Goodsir pregnant with a baby Tuunbaq for The Terror, but the story kept fighting me. So instead: Ephraim Winslow getting lured to the shore by a siren. This story came to me fully-formed and was really easy to write, and I'm really happy with how it turned out. Probably my favorite exchange fic I've written for an assignment since at least AUex in August. It should probably tell me something that my assignment fics are so often my least favorite, but if I don't sign up then I don't get gifts...

Original Work: vigil, male human/pregnant male elf, 2k. Written for the bonkers third round of the generally bonkers exchange We Die Lie Fen. Worldbuilding heavily borrowed from JRR Tolkein, but "Elvish men only get pregnant when their people are in need of a hero" is obviously my own addition. I wanted to write some melancholy mpreg with feels and belly touching, and I like the vibe, but the fic ended up with way talkier than I intended. Not my best work.


And now I am free of exchanges! I have one more fic that I started for WDLF and still want to finish, but now that it has no deadline, I may not get to it for a while. I definitely am not signing up for any more exchanges for a while. I know I always say this, but at the moment I am exhausted by the very idea of even signing up, which is usually my favorite part and the most addictive aspect of the whole exchange cycle.

What I do want to do is address a couple of MCU WIPs and also: write more Oasis fic!!! I have a bunch of ideas, including sequels to both my previous projects, and I've mainlined so much canon and even lured in a couple of new friends. :))) So: getting some Oasis words down is my goal for the next while, along with maybe trying to read a book again. Crossposted from Dreamwidth. Comments welcome over there. (
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