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Apr 01, 2020 11:32

- I wrote a drabble for the drabble flash exchange! savor, MCU, Minn-Erva/Maria Rambeau, rated Teen. Allowed me to keep up my "post a fic every month" streak, squeaking in just under the wire.

- If anyone's wanting to connect with new virtual fannish peeps in this time of social distancing, there's a friending meme happening.

- The Easter Eggpreg Event is an oviposition-themed fest. I probably won't get a chance to write anything, but I love silly themed fests and exchanges and I love oviposition, so I will be watching the collection closely.

writingrainbow, which runs flash exchanges where you have to title your fic with the color for the round, is using neural network-generated colors this round! Sounds super fun.

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