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Mar 22, 2020 10:09

Okay, this is a coronavirus post, but some things much more tangentially related than others.

First and most seriously:
Food Safety and Coronavirus: A Comprehensive Guide (Serious Eats). Thorough, made me feel better about ordering takeout (although I have not actually done that yet).

Things people are doing while stuck inside:
- Confined Kitchen - a group blog by a Twitter friend of mine and a bunch of others. My kitchen is not as well-provisioned as theirs, but I've found at least one recipe that I've got more or less the right ingredients for and am excited to try.

liamgallagher has been performing some Oasis classics on twitter, slightly modified. Champagne Soapernova is my favorite, but perhaps you would prefer Soapersonic or Wonderwash.

Recs I would like in this time of need:
- Bread recipe that makes a fairly dense bread, not crumbly, that would be good for eating with soup.
- A poem-a-day kind of thing? I'm sure there are lots out there that I could google, but if anyone has a favorite source for this kind of thing, I would appreciate it. I've been feeling poetry-hungry recently.

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