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Feb 22, 2020 10:03

One of my favorite things about Chocolate Box is that between the low minimum and the huge number of requests, I always end writing quite a bit, which makes me happy. This time it turned out that all the people I wrote for, I'd also written before, and all the things I wrote were for ships I'd also requested myself, which really cuts down on the anonymity factor, lol.

Also there's my Space Ships fic down at the bottom, which I never got around to posting about before.

you're pretty when you're high, boy - Oasis RPF, Noel/Liam, 3.5k, Explicit. Two months after Noel leaves the band in 2009, he turns up on Liam's doorstep. I was determined to write something Oasis-y for
cerberusia, my Yuletide recip, and then I saw she'd specifically requested mpreg and the game was over. THIS FIC BROKE MY WRITER'S BLOCK. I wrote 3k in a day, and I could FEEL all those hours of watching interviews and reading source material just at my fingertips as I wrote. I'm happiest as a writer when I feel like what I'm writing is dense, with a lot of layers of history and meaning and characterization packed into a short space, and this very much feels that way to me. Also I managed to hit some id buttons that I haven't hit in a LONG time. Overall a wild success in every way except feedback, which I kind of expected - incestuous pregnancy for an RPF ship is a hard sell. One of these days I'll manage to write an Oasis fic with marginally broader appeal!

don't nod and dream - MCU, Carol/Yon-Rogg, 3k, Teen. “You kidnapped me,” Yon-Rogg said. He couldn’t quite keep it from being a question.(Or, four times Carol was there when Yon-Rogg fell asleep, and one time she was there when he woke up.) My assignment for
sholio! This is the fic of mine that I think was least recognizably me. This is a relatively gentle post-canon hurt/comfort fic with slow-burn romance (or as slow-burn as you can have in 3k words), and I worried some about how a lot of the rough edges between Yon-Rogg and Carol are hidden out of sight, but I enjoyed how the theme and the 5 Things structure came together, and I got some really lovely comments on it. Also, Skrulls. <3

too heavy to catch or hold onto - MCU, Loki/Nebula/Gamora, 2.5k, Mature. When Loki finally returns to Asgard from his fall into the void, he brings his sisters with him. This is actually the first fic I started for
scioscribe when I was assigned to her LAST year for Chocolate Box, but it took a long time for the fic to percolate, and I'm glad I was finally able to finish. This is a WILD canon divergence in which Thanos makes Loki one of his children, and then Loki and Gamora and Nebula eventually run away together. I ship this trio super hard just based on the possibilities, and I loved sketching out all the different ways this scenario is dripping in angst but also has bits of tenderness in it. I would love to see people write more of this ship. <3

conditions of absolute reality - MCU, Yon-Rogg/Supreme Intelligence, 1.5k, Explicit. Yon-Rogg gets rewarded by the Supreme Intelligence, or possibly ~rewarded~. This was the fic I wrote for Space Ships! It isn't the prompt (or even the recip) I originally matched on, but Oasis ate my brain almost immediately after assignments went out, and then January was full of winter blah, so instead of writing any of the epics I planned for my ships, I wrote this. It's very much the thing that it is, which is Yon-Rogg AI dubcon with a lot of humiliation and power dynamics and some creepiness - not my usual angle! It was a fun challenge.

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