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Jan 01, 2020 13:13

This year I posted 43 pieces of fic, up from LAST year's personal best of 35! I posted 122k words total (a 50% increase from last year!!), and I wrote 117k, but many of the words posted this year were written last year, and some of the words written this year are on projects that I will hopefully post in the new year. (In particular, a Carol/Yon-Rogg fic and some Marvel femslash.)

This was definitely the year I properly arrived in the MCU (after five full years of peaking in the door). I posted 30 MCU fics (90k!!), 3 original works (6k), 2 hockey fics (11k), and singleton works for I Am Dragon, Person of Interest, Crazy Rich Asians, Zone Blanche | Black Spot, Constantine, Stranger Things, Ocean's 8, and (of all the fucking things) Oasis RPF.

Leitmotif(s) of the year:
PORN. I wrote so much porn this year, y'all. Over half my fics this year were rated Explicit or Mature, mostly Explicit. I'm honestly not sure what happened here. I guess I was in the mood?? Early on, part of it was just that I wanted more explicit f/f to exist in the world, and then I guess I just got in the habit.

Speaking of, I also wrote more femslash this year than I ever have (11 fics), and my love for het came roaring back with a vengeance (14 fics) after all those years I was in hockey.

There was also a lot of Heimdall and Loki this year, both together and separate. And most of those fics were explicit, too.

My best story of this year:
I'm going to say Spelunking, my 16k Val/Loki fic, where they work out a ton of issues together, kind of by accident, and incidentally Val eats Loki's Jotun pussy (because mysteriously, all the dual-genitalia fic out there with Loki is m/m). I worked really hard on it, I feel good about the structure, it has a ton of lines I'm really proud of, and I feel like I got across a lot of my thoughts and feelings about the characters both individually and as a ship. I love them a lot. ;___;

What’s your favorite story this year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you the happiest.
Somehow, it's my trio of Heimdall-centric m/m fics that I'm most attached to this year: The Borders Invisible (canon-compliant Heimdall/Loki hookerfic), Clean Slant of Light (post-Ragnarok Thor/Heimdall in the desert), and A Service at Some Cost (post-Ragnarok Heimdall/Loki watersports). All of those get really deep into my feelings about Heimdall and about each of the ships, they all said things about the ships that I hadn't even thought of saying before, and I feel like they all turned out exactly, 100% the way I wanted. And how often does that happen?

Okay, NOW your most popular story.
LOL by kudos it's the political marriage original work fic with the oviposition porn. I guess maybe I should have predicted that? I don't know how I feel about that being my most popular story, but I mostly wrote MCU rarepairs this year, so there wasn't a lot of competition.

By comments, OTOH, my Bucky/Shuri political marriage fic, The Princess's Virgin Consort, is far and away the winner. I didn't predict this one either! Clearly political marriage fics are what the people want. I mean, I know they're what I want. >.> You'd think I'd be able to extrapolate.

Story of mine most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
It's maybe too early to say, but I was not expecting The Swing of the Planets in Orbit, my Oasis RPF a/b/o fic, to land with quite such an echoing thud (other than the great comment from the recip). Maybe the combo of RPF, incest, and a/b/o was too much for the Yuletide crowd. Or maybe the struggles I had with it (see below) were evident in the final result. However, I've gotten a couple of comments this morning now that authors are revealed, so I'm feeling a bit better about it.

I also spent a lot of the year in the MCU rarepair trenches, though, and man, sometimes it was kind of a downer place to be, feedback-wise. Hockey really spoiled me. :\

Story of mine the universe appreciated way more than I expected it to:
This is a new category, created specifically for sail away, sail away, sail away, the Crazy Rich Asians Rachel/Astrid one-shot I wrote for a flash exchange. This is a tiny fandom with less than 100 fics on AO3, and this fic now has more than 100 kudos?? I expected, like. Fifteen. The CRA femslashers are really thirsty, is all I'm saying.

Story that could have been better? / Hardest story to write
Combined this year because the answers are the same for both. First, the Oasis RPF fic was an absolute shit-ton of work, which is what happens when you pick up an entirely new RPF fandom a month before fics go live and are in the active process of nailing down your basic read of the people involved at the same time you're drafting your fic, when the characters are also from another country and you're really worried about character voices. And then even aside from all that, I just had, like, major structural problems (caused initially by having much bigger ambitions that ended up not being realized, alas) but also just the problem of not being 100% sure of the story I was trying to tell.

And in the end, the fic has a ton of stuff I'm really happy with, but also I think my solution to one of the structural problems might have ended up being… bad? There's a nonzero possibility I'm going to straight-up delete one of the flashback scenes here soon. And all this angst for what is essentially just heat porn! 😩

Secondly, I used We Die Like Fen 2, the flash exchange, as an excuse to finally write Nebula/Gamora canon divergence space hookerfic, but Is This Cost or Is it Reward didn't really live up to my dreams, mostly because I was writing it on a really tight deadline while dealing with exchange burnout. The recip seemed to really like it, but even so, I kind of wish I just hadn't written it at all, which is not a feeling I have often about fics I write.

Sexiest story?
Captain's Heat is that actual iddiest, most ridiculous porn I've ever written in my life, so I guess it has to be that.

Easiest story to write?
I claimed a pinch hit for
300bpm two hours before the deadline, with a clear idea, and wrote the entire 1100-word fic in about an hour and fifteen minutes. And I'm still quite happy how it turned out! It's Hallway Light, a pre-canon Carol+Yon-Rogg fill-in-the-blanks fic.

Holy crap, that's wrong even for you
On one hand, Gallaghercest; on the other hand, viney seed oviposition. Take your pick, I guess. :D


For the second year in a row, I sure did not do fewer exchanges. In fact I did very much the opposite of fewer exchanges. Regular-length exchanges done this year:
• Chocolate Box
• Unusual Bearings
• Marvel Femslash
• MCUex (I defaulted on this one)
• Just Married
• AUex
• ToT
• Femslashex (pinch hit only)
• Yuletide (I didn't sign up, but I spent all of December writing a treat for it)
• MCU Space Ships (with reveals in 2020)

Flash exchanges:
• MFD (signed up for one round, treated for both)
• WDLF (I didn't sign up, yet I both wrote and received fic, because it was that kind of exchange)
• Iron Triangle
• Rainbow Blue
• WDLF2 (TWICE, lol)
• 300bpm (pinch hit only)
• Bucky flash
• Rainbow Orange
• Rainbow Purple (treat only)

That is TWENTY EXCHANGES and sixteen assignments, no wonder I was so burned out by the end of the summer. Note to self: next year we're NOT DOING THAT.

Next year I'm for sure doing Multifandom Drabble, probably Trick or Treat, probably Yuletide, probably the gen freeform exchange that I'm comodding in the spring. Maybes: Unusual Bearings, Marvel Femslash, AUex, some Writing Rainbow flash exchanges. I'm currently vacillating wildly between nominating ALL THE SHIPS for Chocolate Box and thinking I might sit it out, so who knows how that one'll shake out.

Otherwise, my biggest new fannish accomplishment has been modding
mcu_spaceships (reveals in January) and kickstarting the Thursday Recs tradition, although tbh at this point it's mostly me every week plus some friends that post once a month or so. I've also continued to mod the Road to Knowhere discord, which has gotten along very smoothly and with minimal fuss (knock on wood), and

Goals from last year: * Finish the MCU WIP I have in progress. (I did!! It became Spelunking. 😊)
* Finish this one particular hockey WIP I have in progress. (Instead of finishing it, I basically gave up and posted what I had as a standalone, Captain's Heat, but that's better than nothing.)
* Write more f/f porn. (I SURE DID. 6 explicit f/f works this year!)
* Keep the MCU discord humming along and not exploding. (Yep!)
* Bring at least two people on at
mcu_cosmic so I'm not posting 4+ days a week. (I ended up bringing them on in series rather than parallel, but yes!)
* DO FEWER EXCHANGES and write more treats in the ones I do sign up for. (No to fewer exchanges, but I did write lots of treats for Chocolate Box, MFD, and Trick or Treat, so I'm happy about that.)
* Write something for the MCU kinkmeme. (LOL no, and I've given up at this point. That's just not where I find my inspiration anymore.)

Also, I had a goal two years ago of writing at least two 20k fics, and I still didn't quite manage that this year, but I wrote a 16k and 19k one, which feels awfully close! All in all, an extremely solid year of goal-achieving.

Goals for next year:
* Write some horror fic.
* Write more Oasis fic.
* Read a bunch of SFF, because I have put so many delicious-looking things on my to-read lists, and some of them are home from the library at this very minute; also because I'm nominating for the ConZealand Hugos.
* See at least six non-franchise movies in the theater, because I really enjoyed the ones I saw this year, and they turned out to be good sources of fic as well.

As with last year at this time, I'm honestly just tired and not feeling particularly ambitious. I feel like if all I do are three exchanges next year, I'll be fine with that. I probably will not restrain myself to just three, but at the moment I feel like I could. I have no particular wordcount goals. I don't feel up to starting any new projects (and anyway I strongly suspect my organizing energies will be directed towards RL in 2020).

Mostly I just want to hunker down and consume a bunch of canon.


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