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Nov 16, 2019 20:01

Suspiria (1977). A new inductee arrives at a prestigious ballet academy in the midst of a string of murders. This is apparently a horror classic. It's extremely stylish, with very distinctive set design, lighting, and music to give it a really strong aesthetic. (Link to the theme, because it is just that good.) This is good, because it kind of doesn't make a lot of sense? The source of the horror is introduced as a concept in the third act, and is just not that interesting; this is a movie much more about the journey than the destination. I will say all the deaths were suitably tense and horrifying. I think I'm glad I watched it? I had osmosed that the worldbuilding was more interesting than it was, but maybe the discussion I saw was about the 2018 remake instead, which is on my list to watch.

The Lighthouse (2019). The dynamic between two lighthouse keepers out on an isolated island gets increasingly fucked up, starring Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. Another movie with a strong visual aesthetic, this time in black and white with a square aspect ratio. Rotten Tomatoes lists this as drama, horror, AND SF/F, which suggests at the ambiguity of this movie. I'll be frank, I don't have any idea what happened in the second half of it. I think I had a good time? It's beautifully shot and very moody, I love the isolation of the lighthouse setting, and Dafoe and Pattinson are both clearly having a ball chewing the scenery. If you liked Pi but thought it needed less math and more mermaid imagery, this might be the movie for you.

I walked out of the theater feeling like I'd been through someone's black-and-white lol random fever dream, which is not my favorite, but
seinmit now has me half-convinced that the two characters are in fact one person, and that we might be watching some kind of cosmic punishment scenario, possibly involving the character(s) being Prometheus or Poseidon or both. There are definitely a lot of classical mythology references.

IDK, it was a wild ride! I'd be interested to hear what other people thought of it.

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