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Nov 10, 2019 12:19

It feels like TMA has gone mainstream since the last time I mentioned it on here. Lots of people I follow for other reasons have started mentioning it. It's been fun seeing it get discovered.

I tend to binge it during hiatuses, except I missed the last hiatus, so I'm now in the process of listening to ALL of S4. I just finished 134 A Time of Revelation, which just made MUCH more sense as a title now that I've realized it's a Biblical reference and not just about a period during which people find stuff out. XD

My main thoughts on the season so for are:
1. I love Jon EVEN MORE THAN I LOVED HIM BEFORE, WHICH IS SAYING SOMETHING. He's trying SO hard to be as good a person as he can even though he's pretty sure he's not a person at all anymore, and man he's getting no help (except from... Daisy, of all people?). His whole arc of corruption/power/inhumanity is also really good for my id, and has been ever since he first discovered he could compel people (which shone a really fun new light on previous events, too). I also am super into how he's just referring to himself as The Archivist these days and am really curious about whether he even knows that he's doing it.

2. Man, this season is a bummer. This thing where everyone refuses to talk to each got really old really fast, and it hurts the most coming from the people who previously were most disposed towards teamwork, like Basira and Martin. I can't say I was ever very invested in most of their individual relationships, but this is still a real drag. In particular, it sucks for Jon, because see aforementioned, he's trying really hard and is also really powerful in ways nobody really understands, and a little help might be in order!! Even Georgie just fucking walked out on him, which I don't appreciate and can't really buy as characterization.

3. Am I even more aggressively bored by Peter Lukas than by Elias? Or am I just equally bored? Tough to say. Why are all the villains on this show so incredibly one-dimensional? Or if they must be for reasons, why does the show keep subjecting me to them?

4. I've almost made peace with the bloated and overcomplicated worldbuilding. This whole thing with fifteen powers (FIFTEEN) and all their respective rituals is just so... silly. Someone once tried to tell me that TMA was cosmic horror, but to me one of the most important aspects of cosmic horror is how little humanity matters to the universe, whereas the powers in TMA care about humanity to degree I find kind of hilarious.

In conclusion: Jon's still my favorite, reserving judgment on everything else.

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