Trick or Treat recs II

Nov 05, 2019 18:49

I come bearing more ToT recs! I think this will be the last of them, as I've been through pretty much all of the collection that I'm planning to read. There will also be some MCU ones coming, but I'm lumping them in with my regular MCU recs.

Oxford Time Travel - Connie Willis
The Distant Triumph Song
2k, Dunworthy gen. A ghost story circa Doomsday Book, at Oxford. Very nicely written, and I loved the bell motif.

Star Wars
Smoke Rises
Finn/Kilo/Rey, 3k. Rey tries to break her and Kylo's two-way force bond and accidentally makes it a three-way bond, with Finn as the third spoke; this changes everything. This is from Kylo's POV, and I'm just so impressed with what this fic does emotionally and structurally, because I was bumping along, enjoying it, and then all the narrative threads came together in the last scene and hit me in the face in the best way.

Beauty and the Beast
All Her Thorns
500 words, Belle gen. A horror story about a different kind of curse the witch might have put on the castle. Deliciously horrible.

Sandman (Comics)
Nine Lives
Death gen, 2k. At intervals known only to herself, Death becomes a cat for a day. Nine delightful bite-sized stories about Death's time as a cat.

Descendants (the Disney movies)
Friends Don't Know the Way You Taste
Evie/Mal, 7k. The villain and hero communities are integrated now; this does not mean that everything is better than before. I'm not familiar with the canon, but the author writes the characters and the world so richly that I felt like I knew everyone and what they were about. I really appreciate how much the story is about people trying to make the world a better place (through prosaic means, like securing funding for community services!), but also about how that's hard work, and how progress is not always linear, either for societies or individuals. Also the f/f romance was great and full of feelings.

Original Work
no such thing (as getting out of hand)
Man/tentacle monster, 8k. This is about an incredibly sweet and cheerful and innocent tentacle monster who is just SO excited to finally get rented out so that he can put his eggs in someone. If you want really mutually enthusiastic tentacle porn in many configurations and with eggs, this is the fic for you.

Six Instances Of Curious Oddities In The Works Of The Late Photographer Mr. Henry Harrison Carmichael
700 words, gen. Documents fic about creepy things discovered in or occurrences around a 19th century photographer. Spare and elegant. I love documents fic, so I loved this.

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