fic: Like an Orange in Vanaheim

Oct 11, 2019 06:37

Another weekend, another flash exchange.
writingrainbow is slowly working through the colors, and this time it was orange! The main conceit of this exchange is that every fic posted for a round has to have a title that includes the color for that round.

I matched on a request that wanted Heimdall/Valkyrie/Loki, which I really wanted to write but couldn't find an easy in for with the requested freeform tags, so instead I ended up writing this:

Like an Orange from Vanaheim, Thor/Loki, pre-canon stuffing + belly kink fic posted to my sock, which is where most of the weird belly kink PWPs live. I haven't gotten to write this particular kink in a while, so that was fun, and I like the mood I captured.

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