'Tis the season of commentfic, apparently

Feb 27, 2010 00:51

Fandom's hopping on this Friday night! First, in the I-couldn't-make-this-up department, check out the Great PengWIN Post of '10 for riotous all-penguin AU Spuffy love. (If you don't want to wade through the wacky LJ threading for the resulting fic, check out Quinara's compilation here. It's epic, folks.)

And second, penny-lane-42 is hosting the pan-fandom Three Sentence Ficathon. Frex, I wrote this here pretentious angsty Illyria/Wesley poem!fic thing. Someone wrote me Faith/Giles, and someone else wrote me Spike mpreg. Make someone happy in only three sentences! Post your own prompt and let someone make you happy!

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