Thursday recs: fic for spooky canons

Aug 22, 2019 09:44

Another Thursday, another recs post! This time I was delighted to have picked up enough recs for spooky canons to make a post.

Sunless Skies
A Visitation: Your Aunt by
The Inconvenient Aunt, gen, 2k. Do you even have an aunt? This was written for the prompt "Eldritch abomination aunts," and it is indeed an utterly delightful mix of cosmic horror, inability to trust one's senses, and familial relations. I think you can probably read this one without any canon knowledge.

The Ritual (2017)
If at First by
Hutch/Luke, Luke/Moder, 500 words. Speaking of not being able to trust your senses, this is a very efficient little ficlet of canon-divergent mindfuckery.

Black Spot | Zone Blanche
And the Horned God Makes Four by
Laurene/Teddy Bear/Siriani, 3k. This is threesome sex pollen the Villenfranche way, which means with a pervading sense of unknowable foreboding as experienced by characters with an extremely pragmatic approach to the whole thing. Great voices, great moody atmosphere, and the sex is hot. A++ all around. (NB I haven't finished the series yet, so no spoilers in comments here, please.)

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