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Jul 17, 2019 21:35

Thursday recs! (It's already Thursday somewhere, right?) You guys, the exchange writers have been knocking it out of the park lately, because I have another FULL POST of MCU recs already, mostly but not all from either Multifandom Drabble or MCU Exchange. Brace yourselves. :D :D :D

Assorted movies
ART: Paper Guardians of the Galaxy Women and Paper Wakandan Women by
These are SFW papercraft designs, and they have to be seen to be believed. Utterly gorgeous.

Pearls of Wisdom by
Nakia/Ramonda, 300 words. A delicious D/s PWP.

Risk Management by
Tony/Strange, 500 words. After a day of fighting the good fight, they drink and bond and fuck. Really like the dynamic between them here, Tony a little more toned down, Strange the focus of a little low-key h/c.

Play Among the Stars by
Tony/Rhodey, 300 words. Rhodey keeps making plans. Tony keeps making promises. I love the push and pull of their relationship here, and how James has ambitions beyond Tony, whatever Tony thinks.

permutations by
Wanda + Pietro (+ Thanos), 300 words. Three absolutely pitch-perfect AUs for the siblings. These are gems of the form.

first date by
Scott Lang/Jimmy Woo, 2k. Scott finally asks Jimmy out then turns up late for their first date. This doesn't end even half as badly as he expected. Super cute and exactly as failtastic as I'd hoped for. Jimmy is a delight.

Compromised by
Nat/Tony, 3k. Tony's poisoned, and the only cure is fucking, of course. I love the mix of utilitarianism and tenderness in this, how Nat's doing this because Tony needs it, how Tony recognizes and appreciates that, how they care for each other as friends in the middle of this unwanted and decidedly non-platonic situation. Exactly my jam. 👌👌👌

Mirrored by
Nebula/Nebula, 2k. Post-Endgame. Nebula teaches her past self how to be a person. This is lovely throughout and makes great use of that neural connection they share from the movie. :D

Clutch by
Gamora + Nebula, 100 words. Alien biology, past trauma, a present that shows how far they've come, all in one hundred very efficient words. A++.

don't hold back by
Carol/Minn-Erva, 1k. It's hate sex, apparently. Vers doesn't really understand why - if she had her way, these sessions of theirs would be a whole lot more frequent and a whole lot less violent. Rough pre-movie sex with a lot of great character notes.

Thor movies
Pride by
Heimdall/Thor, 2k. Post-Ragnarok. Thor relieves Heimdall of his duties; it takes Heimdall a while to figure out why. Quality mutual h/c, and I liked this look at how Heimdall might deal with this situation that he absolutely did not expect.

Soundly by
Heimdall/Thor, 2k. MORE post-Ragnarok mutual h/c. :D This time, Thor has a problem that only Heimdall can solve. I'm just such a sucker for characters taking care of each other.

the eye in the dark, the weight in the gaze by
Heimdall + Thor + Loki gen, 1k. Tagged "Mild Space Horror," a tag to make a girl's heart go pit-a-pat. Some great cosmic unknowableness going on here and one particular line that just about raised the hairs on the back of my neck. More fic like this, please!!!!

Suited for Softer Words by
Loki/OMC, 10k. When he joins the palace guard, they warn him: stay away from the second prince. OCs can be a hard sell, but oh my gosh I LOVE this. Máligr is an enormous sweetie whose earnest and good-hearted outside perspective of Loki is just extremely satisfying. I enjoyed this from start to finish.

Silver and Gold by
Heimdall + Loki, 150k. Odin changes his plans for an eight-year-old Loki, fostering him out to Heimdall. This is a canon divergence AU that commits, and it is GLORIOUS. Scioscribe writes everyone here with such compassion and so much sympathy for their tragedies and faults and triumphs. This fic is full of SO MANY FEELINGS. I read it as a WIP, and I am so glad to finally get ot rec it to you all. A wonderful comfort fic. <3 <3 <3

Cap movies
Salute by
Nat gen, 500 words. Post-Endgame. Steve gives Nat the shield. Just a really neat AU, with Nat trying her best. <3

Come to Morning by
Steve/Bucky, 5k. This is one of the classics, I think; it's not high-concept, just a story of a guy who didn't know what he had until he lost it (and also got turned into a HYDRA assassin for 70 years). Good feelings.

ain't really quaint by
Steve/Bucky (ish), 44k. While Steve's recovering from the Battle of New York, Nat drops a drying-out HYDRA assassin on his doorstep. This is a no-holds-barred MCU/616 mashup, which is not generally my kind of thing, but semi-retired farmer Steve is a TROLL and fucking hilarious. The narrative voice is an absolute delight.

stripped down to our skeletons (again) by
Steve/Bucky, 3k. An AU where Steve doesn't meet Bucky until after TWS. The final scene is so good!! I would read a lot more words of something with this premise.

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