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Jun 24, 2019 13:05

Today was another of those Play With Stats days. I got curious about the distribution of explicit fic in the MCU and how it broke down by ship and ship category (m/m, f/f, het). Several hours later, I know a lot more about the popular MCU ships than I did before, and also I have a bunch of intriguing numbers to share behind the cut!

First, some notes on my process: I figured out which ships to look at by filtering by otp:true (see here for what that means/how it works) and then checking out the top ships in the sidebar. I took all the ships that had at least 300 works when filtered on otp:true. Then I looked at how many explicit fics those ships had. All the numbers you see here have otp:true already applied, because I was interested in looking at categories of fic, and I didn't want the juggernaut m/m ships contaminating the data for my f/f and het ships. This does have some downsides; for example, most Carol/Maria Rambeau fic is actually about Carol and Maria, rather than some other ship, but a LOT of it is also tagged Carol&Maria&Monica.

Also, please note these are for the movies only. I filtered out all the TV shows - Agents of SHIELD, Runaways, Jessica Jones, etc.

Obviously, if you included Mature fic as well as Explicit, some of these numbers will probably shift. I chose explicit because I wanted stuff that definitely for-sure had porn in it, but if someone wanted to expand on this theme and include Mature fic, too, I'd be very interested in seeing their results! (I'd be willing to send them my spreadsheets, too. :D)

Anyway, the big conclusion: m/m gets the most explicit fic overall, f/f gets the least.

I broke things down by ship and found the top 25 ships by % of porn. Unsurprisingly, the incest ship and the underage ship are tops on this list. Nat and Loki are popular for porn in general, and together they're dynamite. Also strong surprise showings by Steve/Thor and Erik/T'Challa! Rollins/Rumlow seems less surprising, to me.

I also sorted my list by number of otp:true works, just to see how all the popular ships went in terms of explicit fic. Ships with more than 20% explicit works are marked in pink. Pepper/Tony has the worst % of explicit fic of any of the ships I looked at except for Mantis/Nebula (which had literally zero explicit fics). The % on Bruce/Thor confirms my general impressions of that ship's fandom. Congrats to Nat/Maria Hill, the only f/f ships to break the top 25!

And finally, since I was originally inspired by the question of how much porn there is in f/f, I looked at just the f/f pairings. Since there were only two above my original >300 otp:true threshold, I went and grabbed a few more, for a total of the top 12 MCU f/f ships by otp:true.

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