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Apr 06, 2019 12:16

I'm procrastinating HARD on my Unusual Bearings fic right now, so this morning I poked around AO3 and dug up a bunch of stats on the most popular MCU f/f pairings on AO3 (not counting any of the TV shows):

I found the works by going to the pairing tag for each pairing. There's no filtering on them for completeness or word count or anything like that. When you start with the tag and start filtering out, say, all the m/m juggernaut ships, the results change some. Pepper/Nat, the very biggest femslash MCU movie pairing on AO3, was also the hardest hit: when I excluded the juggernaut het and m/m ships from that tag, I only 406 works left, out of 1015. This is because 266 Pepper/Nat tags are also tagged Steve/Tony, 200 are also tagged Clint/Coulson, etc. Turns out Pepper/Nat is so popular partly because it's a classic pair-the-spares background ship. My kingdom for a "primary pairing" category on AO3. :(

It's possible I've left out a few pairings out in the bottom half of the list, because there's no easy way to find out which pairings I need to check the tags for. I started with the f/f category and then started excluding all the m/m ships, reader fics, etc, but if you exclude all the Steve/Tony, for example, you exclude some fics with background Natasha/Pepper. And that isn't a problem for Nat/Pepper, because they're big enough that they'll show up in the top ten sidebar pretty soon anymore, but it did turn out to be a problem for MJ/Shuri, which I almost missed. So there could be a few more pairings like that.

Anyway, it was a fun exercise! Looking at ships like Natasha/Sif, you can kind of see how hungry fandom was for female characters to ship early on in the MCU and how few options there were. We have so much more to choose from now! All the cosmic women, all the Black Panther women... so much more variety, and involving women who've actually exchanged words with one another. (Not that there's anything wrong with shipping characters who haven't met, I say, having written multiple Jane/Gamora fics.) In particular, check out Carol/Maria, 6th on that list despite being out for less than a month!

Okay, I guess I have to go write that fic now. 😩

Update: because I am me, I also made a cool graph of those top twenty ships.

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