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Apr 06, 2019 09:14

fancake is doing a bunch of mini-themes this month. The first theme, through tomorrow, is Xeno/Alien Biology, and I have never in my life encountered a rec theme so relevant to my interests. I've clicked on over half the recs by other people, and I've recced a bunch of stuff myself as well. You also should go and rec things! So I can read them! :D :D :D

- The Marvel Femslash Exchange (
marvelfemslashevents) has signups open right now! I wasn't sure I'd have time for this, but after psyching myself out about Fandom5k and deleting my signup for it, it turns out I have lots of time! I am SO excited about this exchange. The tag set is really something. 😍

mcu_cosmic continues to chug along! I'm so pleased. :))) Here is a roundup of what people have been up to at the comm in the past week. We had posts from SIX DIFFERENT FOLKS (including me), which I am ecstatic about.

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