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Jan 02, 2018 14:43

This year I posted 137k, a new personal best by nearly 20k! I am over the moon about this. Granted, that included 60k written in previous years and finally posted this year, but even so. This included 17 hockey fics, 8 MCU drabbles, 2 comics fics, a Riverdale fic, and a Star Wars fic. Aside from the MCU drabble sojourn, I wrote almost all hockey this year.

Leitmotif(s) of the year:
Olli Maatta. He showed up all over the damn place. I wrote him in six fics across four different pairings, which I’m very pleased about. :)

Also, drabbles! I wrote eleven this year, after a number of years of writing almost none.

My best story of this year:
Nineteen, by far. After vowing for three years to finish the monster WIP, I finally finished drafting it, got a bunch of help editing it, and posted the whole thing, and I am really freaking proud of it. It was a huge stretch for me as a writer, and after all that work I am really, really pleased with the result.

What’s your favorite story this year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you the happiest.
Probably also Nineteen. It's certainly the one I poured the most time, effort, and love into. However I'm also extremely fond of All-Purpose, my Lucic/McDavid omega/omega fic, and Tadpoles, my utterly self-indulgent Sid/Geno xeno mpreg fic.

Okay, NOW your most popular story.
LOL, actually my most popular story this year is probably objects in a mirror, the Stranger Things fic I wrote for Yuletide last year. It has been getting steady feedback all year, and then the new season came out and I got a huge bump in kudos for a while. It’s way ahead of any other fic I’ve posted in the past year and a half.

Story of mine most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
As Lucky as Lucky Can Be, the Geno/Olli companion fic to my S/G+G/Olli poly fic that I wrote for the S/G exchange. The original fic did pretty well, probably because it focused on S/G, but I was really happy with the different character dynamic I got to illustrate in the companion fic, and it was apparently too niche for a lot of people to read.

Story that could have been better?
Upon reflection, my Olli/Tanger cyborg fic could have used some more connective tissue or smoothing out or better transitions or something. OTOH I wrote it for a flash exchange, so sometimes these things happen.

Sexiest story?
I guess I'll say saline solution, the S/G enema kink fic I wrote for the bottomgeno Tumblr. :D

Hardest story to write:
Is it a cheat to say Nineteen again? It was just A LOT OF WORK.

My Yuletide assignment, a soft white damn, was just a hard one to get started with. I wrote like 1500 words of false starts before I finally found some traction. And then I wrote all 8500 words in a week, which I think is a new record for me. /o\

Easiest story to write?
I'm going to say Tadpoles, not because it took me the least time to write, but because the writing process was extremely smooth. I wrote, finished, and posted an 8400 word fic in I think nine days, which is completely absurd for me.

Holy crap, that's wrong even for you
LOL did I mention the xeno mpreg, in which Sid is kind of a fishy humanoid with face tentacles like a catfish, which Geno sucks on during sex? :D :D :D

Alternatively, my Thor/Loki oviposition drabble.


I think numerically, including the flash fic exchanges, I did in fact manage to do one or two fewer than last year. It also FELT like I did fewer, which is really the most important thing. I have ambitions of continuing this downward trend next year.

• Rare Bears, but I defaulted, so IDK if it counts
• Chocolate Box
• Sid/Geno Exchange
• Multifandom Drabble
• Femslashex
• Yuletide
• Two hockey flashfic exchanges

Next year I'm doing the S/G exchange again, and I'd like to give the hockey kamikaze remix a try. If there's a hockey pairing-based exchange in the summer or fall I might try that, too. Maybe also Multifandom Drabble, which I had a blast with this year, and I already signed up for Chocolate Box.

Beyond that I'm not committing to anything. I love the idea of Femslashex, but in practice it runs up too close to Yuletide. OTOH I'm not sure I'm going to try to do YT again next year, either. My happiest writing times this year were when I didn't have any particular deadline and was just writing for myself, which should probably tell me something. The exceptions were the flashfic exchange, which I still really enjoy. I'm also considering doing Smut Swap.

Goals from last year: FINISH THE HOCKEYBB FIC, aka the monster WIP, aka the Sid/Olli fic (YES. I FINALLY DID IT.). Run the Sid/Geno exchange again. (Yes!) Write some Sid/Geno outside the S/G exchange. (Yep, I wrote five fics!) Keep Pens Monthly going. (Yes, although activity has slowed down a lot.) Write some femslash - maybe something long and a little bit tropey. (I wrote a very tiny bit, including one tropey but pretty short fic.) Do Yuletide. (Yes, both assignment and treat!)

I think this might actually be the first year I've achieved every goal I made.

Goals for this year: Run the S/G exchange again. Get more practice at writing longer things, say at least two 20k fics or at least one 40k fic. Read more book-length works, both fiction and non-fiction. Make a bunch more recs posts so I can clean out this huge backlog of random “to rec” bookmarks.


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