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Y'know, maybe y'all should just quit listening to me when I say I'm done with recs posts (or maybe you already did *g*). Because of course there was the grand Yuletide obscure fandom fanfic exchange, and thus of course I bring recs. Oh, well.

Just a handful for now; more later when I've read more, maybe.

First, the story written just for me:
Three times Valancy said what she was thinking (and one time she didn't have to)
Fandom: The Blue Castle by L.M. Montgomery
I asked my Yule writer for Valancy and her newfound freedom and, maybe, an appearance by Valancy Sterling-with-an-E, and I got them all in this gorgeously written fic. The voices, both dialogue and narrative, are exactly right, and there are wonderful moments and bits of character insight all the way through. The last section is particularly wonderful. My favorite line (out of many possibilities):

"Married life's agreeing with you, then," Cousin Stickles stated querulously.

"Life is agreeing with me," Valancy said, with such force that Cousin Stickles looked entirely taken aback, and forgot to ask if she wanted another cup of tea.

So, safe to say that I adore my Yuletide fic. *g*

Fandom: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
Surreal snippets about R&G from before, or maybe after, the events in the play. I feel that I am not nearly smart enough to properly appreciate this fic, or even properly describe it, except that it meshes with the play's themes beautifully. There's an espresso machine, xocatl (!), an homage to the numbers game (positively my favorite bit of the whole play), and lots of pondering of fate.

I think you'll manage better this time
Fandom: Enchanted (movie)
Oh, what fun. I'm quoting the summary, because it's perfect (and it's what got me to read the fic in the first place): Edward loves his Nancy, but thinks it's true-love, when it's love-love, and Edward is confused, like Edward is very often. But exactly for moments like this, he has Nancy. I very much liked in the movie that Nancy was not a shrew and Edward was not a jerk, and that they both got a happy ending, too. I was, however, a bit skeptical of how that would work out, really. This is both sweet and quietly funny, and I like Nancy very much in it.

Five Ways Reality Beats Fairytales by Queen Nancy
Fandom: Enchanted (movie)
Or possibly I just like Nancy. What it says on the tin. I particularly like some bits of item #2: "I'll place big sloppy kisses all over your face," sez Edward before their wedding night. Nancy educates him. Also, there's the fact that when Nancy says "Convince me" at the end of an argument, she means they should have a political discussion. Overall just lots of fun.

In Which Worlds Collide and Eeyore Investigates a Terrible Crime
Fandom: Winnie the Pooh/Discworld
By rights, there's no way this crossover should work--but it does. I'm not actually familiar enough with Pratchett to appreciate all the Discworld material, but the parts in Pratchett-voice are hilarious--I especially liked the extended footnote about the existence of Granny Weatherwax's... something. And the Pooh bits, all in Eeyore-voice, are right and perfect and terribly funny, too. The crossover elements mesh without breaking either world, a feat in its own right. Highly recommended, y'all.

Wind in the East
Fandom: Mary Poppins (movie)
A fic about Bert, how he first met Mary Poppins (he was nine, and he'd just stolen a pocketwatch), and how his view of her changes as he grows. Beautiful and bittersweet, and quietly shippy, the way the movie is, with wonderful characterizations of both Bert and Mary. Just... lovely.

And when names are attached to the fics on New Year's (all the stories are anonymous right now), I'll post links to my assigned story and two short treats.

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