SPN recs #12

Oct 18, 2015 09:40

Why do one recs post in a day when you can do two? I mean, obviously. It's been three years since I made an SPN recs post (and a year since rocksalt_recs closed, *sob*) so obviously some of these of have been sitting around for a quite a while! Which means they are... well-aged, right? Right?

route 54 roadkill blues, by
Sam+Dean gen, 3.7k, spoilers for 6.11. Sam and Dean encounter some roadkill, Sam decides to sit by the road and keep it company for a while, and Dean has no freaking idea what's going through his brother's head. Great study of the two of them, with aches in all the right places. Second person, if you're into that (or if you're not).

fly, by
Sam+Dean gen, 5k, spoilers for 8.23. Warning for bugs and body horror. This is the most delicious, creeping, wonderful kind of horror, and if October has put you in that mood, READ THIS FIC.

I Hope You're Happy Now by
Emma+Castiel gen, 1.8k, spoilers for 8.07. I am endlessly fascinated by Emma and the Amazons. This glimpse of her in purgatory isn't from canon, but I wish it could have been.

Carry the Weight, by roque_clasique
Sam+Dean gen, oneshot, post-pilot. A while before he comes to Palo Alto, Dean has to have his leg amputated, and he doesn't take the greatest care of it when Sam's around. Straight h/c + brother angst in the classic vein.

A Sea of Voices by brutti_ma_buoni
Jo + Pamela, 1.6k, sometime circa S2-S3. Just two hunter types, working on a hard case and surviving what they see there. I wish there was so much more lady team-up casefic in this fandom.

Cooking for the Dead by
Linda + Kevin, 9k, mid-S9. This is the "Linda Tran keeps herself and her son's ghost sane" aftermath fic I didn't know I needed (largely because I've never seen the episodes prior, but I digress). I love the grief and the recovery and the coping in this, and how Linda makes a space and a life for herself and Kevin that's messy but functional, that makes sense for them.

Loyal Opposition by
OC + Sam gen, 11k, spoilers through 3.16. I read this years ago and have been trying to find it ever since. It's a "Sam gets Dean out of hell" story, told from the perspective of a local hunter who doesn't trust this Winchester boy and really (and with good reason) doesn't trust his priorities. Really great use of outsider perspective, from back when Winchesters making extremely morally dubious decisions for each other was less thoroughly explored ground.

Foxholes by road_rhythm
Anna/Bela/Jo, one-shot. You'd think it'd take some work to get these three women who've never met all together in something like a relationshp, but this fic does it so elegantly, by choosing just the right moments of Jo doing what she has to to rescue her girlfriend from hell.

Choices by
Sam/Cas/Amelia, one-shot, spoilers through S9-ish? Obviously you should read this because SAM/CAS/AMELIA.

heroes in the seaweed by
OC+Sam+Dean gen, 7k, spoilers through early S10? What a great, moody, atmospheric casefic, set in a Maine lobster town, mostly from the perspective of the town librarian/archivist. Fantastic integration of classic mythology, too. If worldbuilding + spooky potential is what you're into SPN for, then you absolutely should read this. If you want a devastating Winchester character study in the background, it's got that, too.

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