Yuletide feelings

Sep 09, 2015 19:58

I am in such a weird indecisive place about Yuletide this year. Half of me is busily collecting possible requests and trying to figure out if I should make my requests around a theme (canon mpreg? SFF lit?), and the other half thinks maybe I'll just forego this year, or stick to treating someone. I've done plenty of exchanges this year and have two more coming up, and it's not like I have several YT things I really want. I honestly am not sure right now which way things will shake out.

In the meantime, a list of things I'm thinking about requesting:
* WNBA RPF (Ramu Tokashiki <3)
* Left Hand of Darkness
* Kraken - China Mieville
* Decoys (2004)
* Zerophilia (2005)
* Jupiter Ascending (I want more Jupiter/Kalique fic so bad)

Interestingly, no Saga on that list. That is because a) between YT last year and rarepairfest this year, I already got the two Saga fics of my DREEEAMS, and b) I'm not really feeling my previous Saga enthusiasm, due to current canon.

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