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Jan 01, 2010 14:23

Yuletide reveal! Yay! I wrote two fics... sort of. Both were for fellow Buffyite wisdomeagle.

One is Three Christmases with Miss Honey, which is basically what you'd expect - Christmassy fluff with Matilda and Miss Honey and bonus stealth crossover elements. I wrote it by mashing together at least four of Ari's prompts: Christmas, Matilda's powers coming ( Read more... )

ch: river, ch: matilda, fandom: matilda, length: one-shot, entry: fic, fandom: firefly

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deird1 January 1 2010, 20:39:38 UTC
I loved the "inefficient method of cannibalism"!


snickfic January 3 2010, 01:51:08 UTC
Hee. I have to confess, that's one of my favorite lines. :)


mymatedave January 1 2010, 21:39:51 UTC
I remember reading Matilda when I was younger and she does fit in a odd sort of way in with River's fractured pysche. Like it.


snickfic January 3 2010, 01:51:50 UTC
Glad you enjoyed! The original idea of River+Matilda came from my Yuletide recipient - they do go rather well together, don't they?


ghostyouknow27 February 11 2012, 21:13:33 UTC
Oh: "While the captain gives soothing, unlikely homilies about ships and love, it comes to River that what she was made to do and what she can do are different, and not entirely prescribed by physics."

That is really pretty (and cool). You're always a bit lyrical with language, but River's personality seems to bring out some really fun, kinda poetical, just plain nifty lines.

"I could kill them," River says. Not yet. She's only a dull weapon and not yet balanced. But soon the blade could turn and slice. Soon.It's not overstated, but I love that you caught her at a moment where her consciousness has already expanded/her sanity has fallen apart ("The universe is certain: infinite and infinitely complex, but determined"- so she's already mostly the River we know), but she's also very aware that she's not actually in control of her mind-and part of her fears what she'll be made into, even though she already has this distance about everything ( ... )


snickfic February 12 2012, 03:02:32 UTC
YAY, thoughtful thinkiness about this fic! As mentioned, this fic was apparently just Too Weird to get anyone to read when I originally posted it.

So, first, if I had read through the entire fic and said, "Clearly this is the line that Ghost will love," it would have been the toes line. :D

And yeah, I really love writing River. Like, the only Firefly fics I have ever written involve zany crossovers about River; I've written three of them.

I also really enjoy this meeting of River, the girl who no longer needs to ask questions, and Matilda, who is still full of childish wonder and can go "I can move things with my eyeballs!" without discussing the particle physics.

Ooooh. That's a really neat thought. I'd never thought of it quite that way before, but yes. River is science gal and Matilda is magic gal.

River's sees people as particle arrangements and ships as organismsAnd that's really neat, too! Yes! River's concepts of being and personhood are really skewed, and she can empathize with cows while dismissing people as objects ( ... )


ghostyouknow27 February 12 2012, 03:51:40 UTC
Looking back on it now, especially when combined with your thoughts, I feel a lot smarter than I think I did at the time. :D
Hee! But seriously, there's a lot of awesome, complex stuff here (every sentence says *so* much!), especially for a one-shot. I'm sorry it didn't get a wider readership, because it definitely deserves one.

And also I am happy to have now read it now, after missing it before. :/ --> :D


anviloverheaven February 13 2012, 11:38:05 UTC
I'm embracing the spirit of More Feedback Week. It's such a great idea!

I really enjoyed reading this, even though I'm only partially familiar with Firefly. (As for Matilda, well let's just say I spent most of 1990 trying to do horrible things to my horrible teacher with my eyes!!)

The two characters work really well with each other here, and the last scene is gorgeous. Especially loved this line - what she was made to do and what she can do are different.


snickfic February 15 2012, 22:16:15 UTC
Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed the fic. River is my favorite Firefly character (well, depending on the day - Zoe, Wash, and Jayne all have their moments, too *g*), and Matilda is by far my favorite Dahl book, so needless to say I had a lot of fun writing this. The two characters have more to say to each other than I think I might have expected at first glance.

Thank you for the lovely comment. :)


ever_neutral February 14 2012, 02:57:57 UTC
STUNNING River voice. I love the totally offbeat dynamic you've drawn between these two.

She calls herself Matilda, but this is too close to another name River doesn't dare remember but can't forget if she tries.

Ahhhhhhh perfect.

She should have listened and waited for the girl to stop being silly. River has plenty of practice; it isn't very often now that she tells Simon or the captain or Jayne how stupid they are.


Kaylee fidgets, always when Simon is near and often when she's alone, and River knows the theory behind that but in practice it just means that Kaylee is unhappy.

I LOVE THIS. Of course River would see infatuation in that way.


snickfic February 14 2012, 18:53:12 UTC
I am so glad you enjoyed this! I do have a lot of fun writing River-voice; I'm glad you liked what I did with her.

As mentioned, this fic didn't get a lot of response when I first posted it, possibly just because it was Too Weird. So it's lovely to be hearing from people now! And of course I always like hearing which lines work for people.

Thank you for your lovely comment. :)


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