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Jan 02, 2015 12:09

This was the year of ALL THE FANDOMS and ALL THE EXCHANGES. I didn’t so much mind hopping and skipping around fandoms, but my first and foremost goal for next year is FEWER EXCHANGES.

Anyway, as a result of those two things, my writing has been kind of fragmented. I ended up posting 75k words in finished fic, which is down just a tidge from last year and included several exchange fics I was really happy with. I ended up writing 21 fics - 4 hockey, 4 SPN, 3 Buffyverse, 3 Marvel comics, 2 Saga, 1 SPN RPF, 1 MCU, 1 Downton Abbey, and 1 Decoys (movie).

In addition, I wrote somewhere between 30 and 40k this year on various other fic projects that have not yet seen the light of day, which is a little frustrating. One of my goals for the new year will definitely be to get some of those finished up and out into the world.

Below the cut I go into a LOT more detail, because these retrospective things are better than cake.

Leitmotif(s) of the year:
Variety, I guess! I wrote m/f, f/f, m/m, and gen. I wrote a bunch of different fandoms. I wrote super tropey stuff and stuff meant to interact directly with canon.

My best story of this year:
As usual, it’s a toss-up, but here are two I’m especially proud of (both SPN, oddly enough - I didn’t write much SPN this year, but several the things I did write, I ended up being really, really pleased with):

Ain't No Mountain, AKA the Claire/Castiel fic I have always wanted to write, complete with the Claire-in-charge, the underage, the incestuous undertones. I ended up with a fic that did pretty much exactly what I wanted it to do. That I got to write it in an exchange for a recip whose requests and likes were basically tailor-made for such a fic were a huge bonus. (She left me a second comment on Father’s Day to tell me again how much she liked it, which I am still chortling over.)

worn for sleeping, Sam/Jess, written for spn_summergen. This one isn't long, but it ended up just working really well, I think. It pretty much wrote itself, honestly, including the nightgown meta that expressed a frustration I have always had with the pilot but never thought to put into a fic. And the language, the claustrophobic perspective - I feel like everything in this fic worked almost effortlessly, whereas sometimes you can poke and poke at a fic and still never get it where you want.

What’s your favorite story this year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you the happiest.
If we want to talk feelings and warm fuzzies, then almost certainly Base Notes, my first hockey fic, my first m/m, my first fic over 6k for an exchange (16k in a month!!). It's a/b/o and has tons of that shame/comfort that is like candy to me, and it has Geno the big cheerful omega, and it's just one of my happy places, fic-wise. Also because of all those firsts, it feels like a real accomplishment for me.

Okay, NOW your most popular story.
Either Base Notes (wow is response to tropey m/m fic in moderately popular fandoms a different experience than writing rare pairs) or worn for sleeping (which netted me by far the most comments this year, as opposed to hits or kudos or bookmarks or what have you).

Story of mine most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
Alas, poor what lies beneath. Downton Abbey femslash tentacle porn, and it went most of the year without a single comment. And I went back and read it recently, and it’s still really sweet and you should read it. I also remain surprised that steampunk Meg/Castiel didn't appeal to more people, although an actual plot probably would have helped.

Story that could have been better?
I have several stories this year that are better forgotten. Open Road, my Natasha+Bucky comics post-apocalyptic story, is just weird, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't really work. Ditto Banked, the Willow/Kendra story I wrote for femslash minis. And my Natasha/Yelena story, Trapdoor, ended up just feeling thin. I note these were all exchange fics. All of my best stuff this year was written for exchanges, but all my worst stuff was, too.

Sexiest story?
I didn’t write very much sex this year, but in terms of actual porn, surely it's All Clean. There’s not even a close runner up. Multiple kinky enema scenes, yo. (I'm pretty pleased, btw, that I managed to write kinky cracky het that surely matches in kinkiness and crackiness some of the m/m SPN RPF fandom has to offer.)

Hardest story to write:
Again, several of those Marvel 616 Natasha fics were a bear to write (although I also wrote a third one, a genfic using the current Edmondson/Noto canon, that I like pretty well). I also spent an absurdly long time trying to write a decent ending to the Meg/Castiel steampunk AU I wrote for Trick or Treat.

Easiest story to write?
Like I said, worn for sleeping pretty much wrote itself. I Dated a Tentacle Babe from Outer Space, the YT treat for minimal-budget horror movie Decoys, also came really easily once I got into it. Sometimes that’s what happens when you write directly to your id. :D

Holy crap, that's wrong even for you
On one hand we have a modern fairy tale AU with tons of enema kink in it. OTOH we have a fic where Sidney Crosby's dick is a bugle.

Story I haven't yet written, but intend to:
Mostly I just have a bunch of WIPs I want to finish - the hockeybb fic and the birthday fic having pride of place among them.


SO MANY EXCHANGES. Specifically:
* Beyond Panels
* Rarewomen
* Fic Mountain
* Not Prime Time
* SPN Summergen
* Trick or Treat
* Yuletide
* Hockey Holiday Exchange
* Two rounds of Femslash Minis

I don't know yet which of those exchanges I'm going to repeat. Yuletide for sure. Rarewomen almost certainly. I'm probably out of Summergen - most of the fun is gone when I'm not caught up on the canon and thus can't appreciate any of the fics that are interacting with it. Probably no more Femslash Minis - it turns out that I have very specific Buffy femslash feelings and am not all that interesting in writing fic for just any f/f ship that comes along. Fic Mountain is a nice idea in theory - Yuletide in June! - but just felt too small in practice. Trick or Treat was FANTASTIC, but kind of interfered with Yuletide, in terms of writing treats to letters. Beyond Panels is another one that's nice in theory, but it's coming up too soon for me, I think - I need several months of no exchanges before I think about another one.

I got to see a bunch of fannish people this year, including
flamebyrd, gryfndor_godess, penny-lane-42, and others I'm likely forgetting, and also I got to meet some people for the first time, like

In terms of organizing things, 2014 has been pretty low-key. I did run another round of a_b_o_ladies, although that was quieter than the first round, probably for death-of-LJ reasons, and I served as backup mod for genteensybang (which is gearing up for another round soon!). My SPN rare ships newsletter baby spn_weirdnews also continues, although I've had less to do with it in the last year or so, as I've edged out of the fandom.

Goals from last year: Finish the Princess!Jared fic (no, alas). Finish the Jared/Gen kinkfic (YESSS - that's the fairy tale enema one). Write one or more SUPER TROPEY THINGS (INDEED, mostly for hockey). Write more comics fic (yep!). Do Yuletide again (yep!). Participate in the comics exchange if it happens (this too!). Visit ghostyouknow27 in person, (no ((( ). Run another round of a_b_o_ladies (yep).

I have, all in all, had quite a successful fannish year in terms of doing the things I said I wanted to do!

Goals for this year: Finish the hockeybb fic and the birthday fic. Write more fic for
thesinbin. Write more Saga fic, write more about Saga, and in general do my darndest to make Saga fandom more of a thing. Run a Saga fest on Tumblr (in the works as I write this!). Write at least a little treat for everyone who requests Saga in an exchange this year. Sign up for NO MORE THAN FIVE exchanges. Visit ghostyouknow27 in person. Visit other fannish peeps as circumstances allow. Write original fic? (This is an actual possibility this time, you guys. I have a plot I care about and everything.) Run a Sid/Geno exchange sometime in the spring, maybe, if I can get a co-mod.

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