moar Yuletide recs

Dec 31, 2014 09:44

These are the last of them from me, probably.

The Musical Equation, Seraphina gen, 1200 words
This is a neat pair of vignettes about Seraphina learning how music can be different things to different people (including dragons). Its tone and voice are very much in keeping with the book, and it basically served to help remind me how much I loved the book. (Somehow this is only the second fic for it on AO3, which is a CRYING SHAME.)

Riddle-Master Trilogy
The Crown of Hed, Tristan gen, 6.4k
Wow, speaking of fics that capture the feel of the canon. This is a stunning post-series fic that very quietly, beautifully follows Tristan just after the final book, and reading it feels just exactly like reading the books felt.

Instrumentality of Mankind
The Old Ghost of Peaceful Repose, gen, 7.9k
Wow, an entirely new short story set in Cordwainer Smith's sprawling mythos. Yet another fic that captures the spirit and tone of the original remarkably well. There are some particular language choices here that are exactly the right flavor of grandiose.

Dixon's Girl (song)
Stones Could Fly, femslash, 1.3k
I don't know the source material at all, but that didn't stop me from enjoying this fic, and it shouldn't stop you either. COLD WAR SPY LESBIANS. I loved the voice in this, and I loved the story of two women forming a connection if for no other reason at all than because they are women, making their way in a field full of men.

The Blue Castle
Give and Take, Barney/Valancy, 1.4k
I enjoyed all the Blue Castle fics this year, but was particularly charmed by this one's insights into Barney and Valancy both. It's largely about their wedding night, but it isn't particularly explicit; instead, it paints a portrait of their vulnerability and their courage with one another. It shows up minute shifts in both their views in ways that just made me really happy.

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