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Dec 11, 2008 19:53

So I have this Wesley ficlet that'll get posted once I clean it up some, and I was sort of looking for a Wesley icon to go with it, since I didn't have any saved on my computer. Turns out, it's darned difficult to find a pretty Wesley icon! I had the impression he was the Boy of Choice for the Ats fandom, but maybe I was mistaken - I don't read as much there as I do for BtVS. Or maybe everyone who loves him writes fic instead of making icons?

I'm a numbers sort of gal, and I'd love to somehow quantify character popularity in the fandom, and do a statistical analysis on all sorts of fun variables, like age of fan and length of time in fandom and the unquantifiable stuff like quality of fic. (I have a secret theory that Giles fic is, on average, better than Spike fic, because the folks who tend to be interested in Giles probably have more writing experience, on average, than those who like Spike. How many teenagers get crushes on middle-aged librarians, even ones with ASH's charisma? Willow aside, I mean.)

Anyway, point of post: if you happen to know of a treasure trove of Wesley icons, please, tell me!

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