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Sep 02, 2013 08:15

I am putting this here even though this fest doesn't need a Dear Author letter, because my fest tags are where I always look for my old signups when I'm writing new ones.

LJ name: snickfic

Are you a writer/artist/vidder? writer
What sort of gift would you like? fic or art

What pairings/characters would you like? Jared/Gen, Jared/Adrianne, Jensen/Gen, Gen/Adrianne, Jared/Jensen/Gen, Jo/Sam, Dean/Ellen, Sam/Amelia, Meg/Castiel, Jo/Castiel, Ruby/Castiel, Jo/Anna, Anna/Ruby, Dean/Jo/Castiel, Dean/Meg/Castiel, Sam/Ruby/Castiel. Or, gen involving any combination of Sam, Dean, Jo, Ellen, Anna, Victor, Jess, Castiel, Rufus, the Novaks, Tessa, Emma (Amazon), Lydia (Amazon), Meg, Amelia Richarson, Kevin, Kate the werewolf, Ellie (from 8.14), 6.15!Gen, 6.15!Misha. Genfic involving any of the RPF ladies would also be cool.

What are your general 'likes'? Creaturefics, dinosaurs, space AUs, Pern fusions, werecreatures other than werewolves or werecats, dragons, fairy tale AUs (selkies! dryads! etc), alpha/beta/omega dynamics, mpreg, arranged marriages, generally CRACK OF ALL KINDS. Women in my fics. Christmas. A strong sense of place. Grumpy characters with hearts of gold. Nonsexual kink. Kink negotation. Women taking charge in bed. When it comes to sex, I like explicit consent, lots of communication, and people having fun and enjoying themselves, and I care more about the feelings than the mechanics. For FPF specifically: gen of minor characters, canon-divergent AUs, AUs that still involve hunting and monsters, twisty story structure, the Endverse, the French Mistake, Robo!Sam, pilot AUs, “Character X Lives!” AUs, monsters with layers and complicated motivations, Purgatory, the Smith-and-Wesson ‘verse. For art, again, cracky AUs, secondary characters or pairings that don’t get much art about them (especially the ladies), but really, anything that I like for fic goes for art, too.

What are your general 'dislikes'? unnegotiated kink, PWP, non-AU RPF, character death, dark endings with no hope, explicit torture, power imbalances in a relationship (teacher/student, boss/secretary, etc), character studies without any plot or interaction with other characters, God!Chuck, John Winchester, Benny, Gabriel.

What can you do? gen (including minor characters), het (including rare pairs), femslash, FPF, RPF, mpreg, alpha/beta/omega.
What can you definitely not do? season 8, season 9, slash, explicit sex, kink,

List up to five prompts (optional):
* mpreg for any of my het pairings. Happy and schmoopy is fine, but plotty and dark/angsty is also fine. Maybe they are seahorsey merpeople!
* accidental soulbonding / arranged marriage / marriage of convenience for any of my pairings (or threesomes!), which then involves a lot of slow burn and relationship negotiation between people that don’t know each other and wouldn’t necessarily have chosen each other
* pick any three from my list of SPN characters and put them on a hunt/mission together.
* For RPF, one or more people is a werecreature (not werewolf or werecat)
* Endverse fic involving at least two characters whom we didn’t see in the episode

(But you can totally do something else related to my likes if you’d rather! These are just ideas that came to mind.)

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