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May 04, 2014 14:57

* This Rarewomen fic is finally turning into something I like. You know how there are fic that you can write in one or two sittings? And then there are fics that you write 300 words for, and then you have to go away, and when you come back you delete the last fifty and write another 300, and so on? This is definitely one of the latter ( Read more... )

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brutti_ma_buoni May 5 2014, 12:50:51 UTC
*waiting patiently for your hockey fic*

Seriously. I want to read this.


snickfic May 5 2014, 13:03:49 UTC
You do not know what you are asking for. This is on a whole other level than my previous self indulgences. Also I have no idea when I might finish it.

However, <3333.


brutti_ma_buoni May 5 2014, 20:51:37 UTC
Given the level of enjoyment I get from your id fic, I am not even slightly put off by this.

Also, I'm starting to run out of hockey fic, so, you know, more is good. (Cannot even believe how much I've read since March.)


snickfic May 6 2014, 00:35:54 UTC
I do foresee some hockey fic coming down the pike at some point, and meanwhile, your enthusiasm for it is very motivating. <3

And yeah, hockey is not a megafandom like every other fic fandom I've been in. This completely running out of fic thing is a new experience (although for me that's just Sid/Geno; I still have lots of Kaner/Tazer to go).

Of course, the other obvious solution is for YOU to write some. :D


downjune May 5 2014, 20:19:51 UTC
I would grab up any hockey fic you wrote so fast! (I would beta it, too, if you needed/wanted ;) )

Glad your fic assignments are good ones. My NPT is not hockey :( But. I got matched on the other two fandoms so I just need to narrow down what I want to write.

That hockey article is basically protective team!fic, and it is glorious.

edit: Oh, and! Last night!

... )


snickfic May 6 2014, 02:26:38 UTC
Aww. <333

Well, if you want an excuse to write hockey fic, you could always write a treat, although if you're sticking to Sid and Geno than your potential recipients are pretty much just, uh, me. (Brutti's asking for Geno/Kaner; perhaps that would interest you?)

Would you believe, I already had a different gif of the angry stick boop open in another tab. Behold. It's a little bit clearer in that one that Boyle pokes at Geno first. I'm not sure what Geno thought he was going to do with the end of his stick, right there in front of the ref, but his "Yeah, that's right" nod amuses me. :D


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