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May 04, 2014 14:57

* This Rarewomen fic is finally turning into something I like. You know how there are fic that you can write in one or two sittings? And then there are fics that you write 300 words for, and then you have to go away, and when you come back you delete the last fifty and write another 300, and so on? This is definitely one of the latter.

* I have my Fic Mountain and Not Prime Time assignments! Fic Mountain will require a tiiiny bit of new canon and some review of old canon, but should be fun. No worries there. And the NPT assignment is a great fit, so my trouble there is mostly narrowing down what I want to write.

* Yesterday in a pile of papers I found part of a hopelessly self-indulgent hockey fic I started writing longhand a month ago. I thought it was lost forever, but lo, it is not! So, yay, even though all 1600 words or whatever I have will need major rewriting if it's ever to see the light of day.

* In the department of "I don't have to write RPF, because the media writes it for me," have an article about Sid and Geno and leadership and stuff. Also FEELINGS. Lots of feelings.

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