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Apr 11, 2014 16:59

I have rarewomen words! Words I like! I know exactly what I want to do with this fic and have known since a day after I got the assignment, and it is a thing I can do without the handwringing that began my Beyond Panels assignment, and I am altogether very pleased. Plus the prompt gives me an excuse to write an aspect of canon I've been wanting to write for quite a while. YAY ALL AROUND.


Upcoming films, because I went to see Winter Soldier yesterday and there trailers.
* Lucy, with body horror and ScarJo with out-of-control powers? And also Morgan Freeman? YES PLEASE I WILL WATCH THE HECK OUT OF THAT. Even though the ~science is clearly ridiculous.

* Godzilla looks very silly, but also probably cooler than the last Godzilla remake, and I am a TOTAL SUCKER for giant megafauna which I may have mentioned, so. Also Bryan Cranston, what even.

* Maleficient looks more interesting than I expected. I can see why people have been getting a femslash vibe from it. I will definitely wait on reviews, though.


Speaking of, yes, I saw Winter Soldier! Unspoilery version: I enjoyed it quite a bit, for pretty much exactly the reasons I expected to enjoy it.

* Chris Evans. Chris Evans' everything. SUCH perfect casting.
* Steve Rogers, honest as the day is long, teaming up with Natasha, brimful of spy secrets. I would quite happily have watched a movie of just them, pushing at each other over things like loyalty and trust and honesty and identity. And also them making out on escalators wearing hipster threads. :D
* Sam Wilson. He was perfect, his wings were great, and Tumblr gifsets suggest that Anthony Mackie is an absolute treasure. More, please.
* Bucky! Oh man, I can see this series is going to give me ALL the Bucky feelings I wanted from Brubaker's run but couldn't get. That said, given the title of the movie, I was expecting significantly more Bucky. In fact most of the story I wanted seems to be in the next movie instead. Curses!

Things I liked better than I expected:
* The plot was very much less McGuffin-y than most of the MCU movies so far, and I really appreciated that. Yes, there was the stupid must-put-circuitboard-in-helicarrier device, but I never had to believe in the magical thingy that did mysterious wonders via swirly lights, so that was a real bonus.
* Sebastian Stan. He made no impression on me in the first Cap movie and his face as a face is not my type of face, but as the conflicted Winter Soldier he worked really well for me.
* Zola's character design: MUCH less stupid looking than in the comics. Good work team.

Other things:
* I am resistant to the idea that Steve might eventually pair up with Sharon, whom we've never seen before, rather than Natasha or Bucky or Sam or someone (even though the chances of any of those is super unlikely, I realize!). However, I already liked Emily Vancamp via Revenge and she does a great job with what she's been given here. Hopefully the character can win me over in the next movie.
* Apparently MCU!Sam does not in fact talk to birds. Alas.
* Brubaker's Winter Soldier plot, which was folded into a much larger plot involving an aging ex-Soviet sharing brainspace with the Red Skull, was really dumb. Really really dumb. It dragged on forever and it neatly circumvented basically all emotional impact the basic Winter Soldier premise had. However, I have to say I much prefer Bucky as a specifically Soviet creation to a Hydra one. Hydra is Nazi as much as it is anything related to the real world, and while I can see the sense in tying back to the first movie that way, Bucky as a cold war weapon just seems so much more interesting to me, and it avoids the lololfictional feel of Hydra.

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