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Mar 01, 2014 18:54

Yay ladies. :D Thank you so much, dear author, for writing me a fic! Be assured that if you are writing one of my beloved ladies, then I will be thrilled.

General Likes: Creaturefics, dinosaurs, space AUs, Pern fusions, werecreatures other than werewolves or werecats, dragons, fairy tale AUs (selkies! dryads! etc), alpha/beta/omega dynamics, mpreg, arranged marriages, generally CRACK OF ALL KINDS. Christmas. Unexpected moments of grace. Romance between people who might be messes, but are better when they're messes together than apart. Interspecies romance. Five things fics. Canon divergence AUs. AUs of all kinds as long as they maintain the key characterization and relationships from canon. A strong sense of place. Grumpy characters with hearts of gold. Xenophilia. Nonsexual kink. Watersports. Enemas. Kink negotation. Women taking charge in bed. When it comes to sex, I like explicit consent, lots of communication, and people having fun and enjoying themselves, and I care more about the feelings than the mechanics. Fade-to-black is also fine!

General Dislikes: explicit torture (especially bad things happening to hands, eyes, or teeth), either emotional or situational power imbalances in a sexual/romantic relationship (boss/secretary, teacher/student, etc), gaslighting, possessive/abusive/manipulative behavior framed as romantic, rape, character death, dark endings with no hope, character studies without any plot or interaction with other characters, first-person point of view, crossovers (although fusions of the "Mary and Lavinia pilot a Jaeger" variety are very welcome!).

And now the prompts, pasted from my sign-up for my reference and yours.

Claire: Anything to do with having been a vessel. Claire in S9 after the angels have fallen. Claire hunting. Claire hooking up, romantically or not, with pretty much any of the other SPN ladies. Claire with Castiel in any capacity. Claire having profoundly angsty and screwed up sex with Castiel while he's wearing her father's body - Claire/Castiel is my wrongest ship, so you can go pretty wild here, and underage is fine, too, as long as Claire's 16 or older, so it's also an exception to the "no power imbalances" rule.

Meg: Meg/Castiel! I adore the adorable weird tender thing they have together, and I was severely ticked that they didn't get to move any furniture around before she died. (Not to mention how ticked I was that she died.) Anything with that off-balance sweet-yet-antagonistic thing they have would be great. AUs that make that happen earlier in their history would be great. Sex would be great, because they have serious chemistry.

Alternatively, Meg with other demon or angel ladies would be quite welcome. Meg/Ruby and Meg+Ruby are both intriguing prospects. Again, AUs (especially unfridging AUs!) would be most welcome.

Amelia: I LOVE HER A LOT. I love how she breaks the mold of civilian girlfriend characters on SPN, and how cranky and broken and damaged she is. I would love her finding out about the supernatural, either with Sam or alone. Her stumbling onto a female hunter's hunt would be great. I adore Sam/Amelia to bits and pieces for how equal they are and what messes they both are. I also think Amelia might be super kinky in bed, if you wanted to go there. Alternatively, Amelia femslash would nifty - with a female hunter, maybe? Tamara? Feel free to resurrect someone for the purpose.

Tamara: Tamara: So damaged and so hot. Also competent and on a vengeance mission. I reeeally like the idea of Tamara femslash, especially with Amelia (see above) or Jo. Jo/Tamara has somehow become my go-to femslash kink pairing; Tamara's the confident, competent, slightly more settled woman in charge and Jo is the pushy sub, yessss. I am also fond of Tamara/Sam, however you can make it happen. But hunting and plotty stuff is also welcome, especially having Tamara meet up with other SPN women or slotting into later SPN canon events.

Other details: Jo is always welcome. Always.

Marvel Comics
Jubilee: I know her mostly through Wood's X-Men, and I really like her role there, the youngest but also a mom and an adult member of the team in her own right. I really enjoy her relationships with the younger X-Men at the Jean Grey School, so really anything with her and any of them in the current timeline would be fab, just kicking around the JGS and getting into (not too much) trouble. I'm particularly fond of Bling (although I don't know WTF Wood is doing with that storyline and am a little afraid to find out).

Elizabeth Braddock: SO MANY FEELINGS. I love her in Remender's UXF, and Humphries' UXF was mostly bad but gave me Betsy/Cluster, so I can't hate it TOO much. I'd love fix-it fic or just more (better) exploration of Betsy/Cluster or Betsy/Fantomex (which reminds me a heck of a lot of Buffy/Spike, which I also ship). I'd adore Betsy/Cluster/Fantomex OT3 fic. I'd also be really interested in any exploration of that business in Remender's run about her not being able to feel sorrow, like, what even. How does that work. Or, for something potentially less angsty, Betsy/Ororo friendship fic will never go amiss

Darla Deering: I love FF so much. SO MUCH. And I love Darla maybe most of all; she's so scared and so brave and so genuine. I would love: Darla being heroic, Darla hanging out with any of the FF kids, Darla/Scott being ridiculous and adorable, Darla/She-Hulk being girly and maybe kinky or maybe there is just wine and surprise kissing, Darla and maybe other ladies having girls' night with Tong.

Downton Abbey
I love Lavinia. I LOVE Lavinia. I love that she was such a sweetheart and never got reduced to "the obstacle" (until her death, which we WON'T TALK ABOUT). Lavinia/Mary was my first femslash OTP, Lavinia+Mary friendship is also tasty, Lavinia/Mary/Matthew is obviously a thing that happened in that alternate universe where they all escaped alive to Paris. (Alternatively, they didn't go to Paris but Mary/Lavinia happened anyway and then they set to work seducing an intrigued but reluctant Matthew.) Any of those would be grand. I'm particularly inclined to crack with this canon - I've already written tentacles and mpreg in it, so. Go crazy.

Please keep Lavinia alive, though. La la, what Spanish flu?

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