Halp, please

Oct 22, 2009 19:15

So I'm signed up to write "fluff about Anya challenging the patriarchy, and Xander being amused" for the Fall Fandom Free-For-All, and I'm coming up blank. Prompt me, please? The 'challenging the patriarchy' bit doesn't actually need to be explicit; I just need, yanno, Anya being all under-socialized and awesome and such, as she usually is.

ch: anya, pairing: anya/xander, ch: xander, entry: misc

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eowyn_315 October 23 2009, 01:44:36 UTC
I don't know why, but I feel like it should involve a board game. Maybe it's because I feel great kinship with Anya regarding the Game of Life and wanting to exchange the little pink children for more cash.

I leave you with this.


snickfic October 23 2009, 03:19:54 UTC
Hah, yes, I think Anya+board game will always be a winning combination. It occurs to me that she'd be absolutely brutal at Monopoly...

That is, uh, quite the packaging you linked me to. Hmm.

And, I adore your icon. I'm not a Psych fan, but I that quote rocks.


penny_lane_42 October 23 2009, 03:06:13 UTC
Maybe Anya finding out about the wage gap? I feel like the combination of money and feminism could be a winner for her?

I'm sure whatever you come up with will be awesome. I like your Anya.


snickfic October 23 2009, 03:18:07 UTC

I think this might be just what I needed. Hurrah!


penny_lane_42 October 23 2009, 03:25:14 UTC

I was trying to think about what part of the patriarchy would get her upset. Something related to money, obvs. But the first thing I thought of was women not owning property, but that's obviously not true anymore.

I was quite pleased when the wage gap thing. Glad you like it!


bobthemole October 25 2009, 07:40:30 UTC
I think I just had an Anya-encounters-the-patriarchy moment myself. Feel free to use it if you can.



snickfic October 25 2009, 12:41:03 UTC
Hah! That kind of 'linguistic confusion' would be right down Anya's alley. Thank you! I don't know if I'll use it, but I got a kick out of it either way. :)


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