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Sep 17, 2013 23:47

Not Skin Deep, You're In My Soul by golden-cyborg. J2, a/b/o about the aftermath of Jared getting kidnapped, memory-wiped, and having his mating bond with Jensen overwritten via chemistry and rape. I, uh, have actually only read the third chapter (out of three so far), because I thought I was starting at the beginning? So that was a bit disorienting. This is not a happy fluffy h/c fic, though - there's a lot of emotions running high on all sides. I'm mostly in it for the unflinchingly harsh character development. Heed the warnings.

Feed Your Head by timehasa-way - Jensen/Danneel, Jared/Gen. And lo, there is bang-length het rpf from someone I've never heard of before! Danneel gets kidnapped and taken to Wonderland, and Jensen and Jared follow to get her back. I confess, "boys save damsel in distress" isn't what I'm usually looking for in hetfic - I get it enough from pro sources - but otoh "boy adventures in Wonderland" isn't something I'm inclined to turn down. Have only read a little ways so far.

Something Borrowed, Something Blue by belyste - J2, Wedding Date AU. Gah, I hated The Wedding Date SO MUCH; it was the worst sort of shlocky soap-operatic drama, and skeevy to boot. Wedding Date AUs, however, tend to turn out better, and I liked this one a lot, although I could have used more from Jensen's POV.

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