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Sep 15, 2013 21:09

Still working on the report for the Germany part of my trip, but in the meantime, have some comics reviews.

Secret Avengers #2 - Spencer, Coker
Wow, this was a disappointment. The first issue was definitely a one-off, introductory sort of thing, mostly just to set up the title to us, but even so I expected the next issue to resemble it more than this one does. This is basically all villain set-up, mostly involving villainous types I don't know. I think Natasha and Clint get one line each, and we don't see Maria at all. We do get to meet Mockingbird aka Bobbi Morse, albeit very briefly.

This one's probably necesssary to the arc to come, but it is really a lot of nothing on its own. The art isn't even attractive.

Fearless Defenders #2 - Bunn, Sliney
Look, I don't really care what this comic does when the art is this bad:

What are those things attached to her chest? And look, broken spines everywhere! The art in this book goes beyond titillation into "What is anatomy?" territory.

Also, I kinda don't get Valkyrie's plot at all. She went looking for new female warriors for Asgard, but she couldn't find any to measure up, so she gave up and went and had sex? And thus it is all her fault that the Doom Maidens have risen again? I can't tell if I'm supposed to be annoyed at Valkyrie for being dumb, her bosses for setting her to an impossible (?) task, or the writers for introducing this character to us via the failures they wrote her into. Just, what.

The cover, though, with the action figure schtick - that's pretty cute.

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