Masterpost: Chemical Bonding

Aug 06, 2013 16:55

Title: Chemical Bonding
Author: snickfic
Artist: scarletscarlet
Fandom: Supernatural RPF
Characters/Pairings: Genevieve/Jared, Danneel/Jensen, also Rachel Miner, Julie Benz, et al
Genre: alpha/beta/omega college AU, coming-of-age with romance
Rating / Word Count: R / 21.5k words
Contents / Warnings: alpha/beta/omega dynamics, intersex genitalia (Gen has a knot, Jared ( Read more... )

pairing: jensen/danneel, ch: rachel miner, pairing: jared/gen, ch: jared, length: masterpost, ch: danneel, knottingverse, ch: jensen, topic: a/b/o, fandom: spn rpf, entry: fic, ch: gen

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scarletscarlet August 8 2013, 02:15:17 UTC

I had a lovely time working with you (again :) ), and I've loved seeing your characters navigate their way around all the messy complexities inherent in their world. I can't help but hope for more in the series one day, even though they all seem fairly content at this point :).


snickfic August 9 2013, 21:00:55 UTC
It has been a joy to work with you again all the way along. ♥


kalliel August 10 2013, 01:26:19 UTC
Awww, Gen. <3 I visited a friend last March who goes to a small liberal arts college; the whole idea is very much a novelty to me, and this fic perfectly evoked the same feel I got from her campus. That is, the fic's setting and its general emotional ambiance felt very true to life--but also very much a part of that same sort of whimsy that I very much enjoyed during my visit. I really love the way you're able to explore this huge number of personal facets to Gen's character--her sexual and gendered identities, as well as her identity as a young person in general. I'm pretty unfamiliar with A/B/O so I don't know if this is par for the course but I LOVED the way it not only complicated all of those identities for all of the characters, but also served as a guiding hand through all of the intricacies of those identities, many of them very rarely discussed. And of course, all of the fantastic olfactory descriptions. *___ ( ... )


snickfic August 12 2013, 01:41:50 UTC
Eeeee! Lovely long delicious comment.

Yes, actually, Landingham is entirely based on my alma mater, including details like the fact that it's dry and the school across town is wet. I think if a person had attended my school, they might recognize it from the fic, and they'd very probably recognize it from Scarlet's art - I linked her to reference photos. I loved my college experience, and I've loved sneaking it into fic. :D

I LOVED the way it not only complicated all of those identities for all of the characters, but also served as a guiding hand through all of the intricacies of those identities, many of them very rarely discussed.

YAY. This is very much one of the things I wanted to do but was afraid I sort of bumbled through; I am so glad it came through for you. Indeed, some a/b/o fics are concerned with gender identity, although a/b/o fics about women are very rare in general, and I've never seen one that spent quite this much thing dealing with female alpha identity.

I <3 my sense of smell, and I've always enjoyed including ( ... )


beelikej August 17 2013, 16:34:44 UTC
Thanks for sharing this on A03; that made it easy for me to put on my e-reader. Kudos were given over there, but I would also like to leave a good old fashioned comment on LJ;)

I've read knotting and a/b/o fic before but never from a female alpha point of view. It was also a refreshing change to read a story that didn't focus on sex but more on the social implications. Such a fascinating universe.
I loved the dynamic between Genevieve and Jared and how they both dealt with (internal) prejudice to their bodies and gender. It was a very sweet story and I adored everyone's tone of voice. Great dialogues!


snickfic August 18 2013, 23:15:32 UTC
Thanks for sharing this on A03; that made it easy for me to put on my e-reader.

Hah, you are most welcome! When it comes to long things, I primarily read on AO3 these days, and providing some kind of downloadable copy is a must, I feel. :)

And I am so glad you enjoyed the fic. I've been fascinated by the situation of female alphas since I first discovered a/b/o, especially female alphas paired with male omegas, and I've been working my way towards this story ever since. And I'm so glad you liked Gen and Jared both - I wanted them to sympathetic, but still flawed and working through things.

Thank you so much for the lovely comment. It's very satisfying to know that readers are enjoying it. <3


consumedly March 20 2014, 15:48:49 UTC
I have no idea why I did not comment when I read CB, none at all! But now that I've reread it ;D I've to say that it is pretty awesome and damn it there is are so little female alphas and your take on it is what made me want to participate in a/b/o ladies! I like the way you go around sex and it's there but not in our faces and there are answer and questions at the same time that make me ask myself and I'm like what the-! why haven't i ever thought of that? and the like ;D with two words I love this verse! Plus I've always like Jared and Jen ~_~ so yeah, bonus points for those two together! (:

eta: I'm sorry to say but I'm afraid I will be greatly influenced by this particular fic when writing mine. ::bites nails:: I'll try to steer of coping etc. but since your logic makes sense... damn it, I hate how unimaginative I am ::sigh:: can I come back to you at some point??


snickfic March 21 2014, 04:35:59 UTC
Oh, wow, what a lovely comment to appear in my inbox. I am thrilled that you enjoyed the fic so much, and even more thrilled that it inspired you to write a/b/o lady fic of your own!

Honestly, I would be completely flattered if you saw fit to borrow some of my ideas for your own fic. I feel like in fandom we all borrow from each other anyway; it's like a conversation, only with fic. Mostly I'm just so tickled to get more a/b/o fic with women, however I can get it. So go, write it with my blessing. :D

Thank you again for the lovely comment. It's always so nice to get feedback. <3


consumedly March 21 2014, 09:38:28 UTC
Thank you so much ~_~
also... I'm going to mention you in the notes :) because your work is awesome and deserves all of the kudos!!


snickfic March 21 2014, 16:27:02 UTC
Aww, that is very sweet of you. And best of luck!


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