a Kindle! and more Pacific Rim thoughts

Jul 23, 2013 12:12

I have unexpectedly acquired a Kindle! A friend of mine commented that she never used hers, and lo! Now it is mine. With a pretty blue case, even.

I have basically zero interest in giving Amazon money for e-books, especially since I already have tons of paper books sitting around that I'm not reading, but I'm very excited to finally read fic on something more mobile (and with considerably longer-lasting battery) than my laptop. Plus, I'd been wanting something to take on a Very Long Plane Trip early in September.


Another Pacific Rim thought: I really appreciate how it declined to buy into any of the overly sentimental character arcs usually used to stir the heart in these kinds of movies. Raleigh's arc of trauma, choice, and recovery happens in the first ten minutes and mostly off-screen. Daddy-issues boy's entire arc is introduced and dispensed with in about ten minutes. (I also appreciated that it was the kid that ended up dying, not the dead - I feel like I've seen it the other way around a lot.)

The only arc that spans the entire movie is Mako's revenge quest via her development from rookie to veteran, all of which is built around the Stacker/Mako father-daughter familial relationship and the Raleigh/Mako - and every one of those elements is used and developed in a really elegant, understated way.

This movie didn't emotionally manipulate me the way, say, Independence Day did. Or... I'm having trouble coming up with another comparable SFX-heavy action movie with feelings. Deep Impact, say. (I've never watched that one all the way through, so I don't know how well it handled its emotional content, but it's the sort of thing I'm thinking of.)

And I appreciate that. I'm tired of action movies proceeding as if I'm stupid. Just because I like giant robots or superheroes doesn't mean I need every single emotional beat and element of worldbuilding verbalized (especially when the worldbuilding that does get explained make no sense).

This a giant robot movie for the intelligent viewer, is what I'm saying. :D

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