Firefly again

Sep 12, 2009 15:18

I'm doing a Firefly rewatch with housemate Chessie, who's only seen the movie long ago and forgotten most of that. Last night we watched the premiere, "Serenity." I've been very curious to see the show from my new fannish perspective, but so far the rewatch has mainly just confirmed my previous impressions, namely ( Read more... )

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penny_lane_42 September 13 2009, 04:14:48 UTC
I agree with you on lots of things here, but especially the bit about the funniest part of the episode being Jayne and the fed. That's a pretty perfect scene.

I hate the fan-service naked Inara scenes even more than I used to. It's almost visceral at this point. I'm opposed to and squicked by everything she is professionally I totally agree. Though I still like her, if only because I find her interactions with Mal fascinating. They've got such completely opposite worldviews, and those worldviews are constantly clashing, and I find that fascinating. I would have liked to have seen that developed more.

I would like you so much better if there was any evidence at all that the writers had ever, like, been personally acquainted with a person practicing a traditionally-flavored religion of the sort that you supposedly come from. YES. Just...YES.

because I'm so patently supposed to love her. Yes. Just like Fred. And like Willow on occasion, too. Fred was awesome when she was still insane. And when she was Illyria. There are ( ... )


snickfic September 13 2009, 04:38:28 UTC
Fred was awesome when she was still insane. And when she was Illyria.

Yup. Exactly. I like Illyria ever so much better than Fred.

Kaylee would be perfectly described using that Spanish word that means "so cute it's too cute"! Did you ever settle on an English translation?

Well, for the context I needed I finally decided 'cutesy' would be best, since it has that informal flavor I think my student was looking for. But here I think the less common definition of 'precious' might work better.

Is it just because religion is so central to his character and the writers clearly don't understand it?

Pretty much. It isn't even so much Book specifically as it is Book as representative of every single time I've seen TV and movies portray a bland, watered-down faux-Christianity that no one in their right mind would devote their life to. Sigh. Looking at Book, I suspect it's just as well Joss ignored basically all the Christian symbolism built into the vampire concept - except for the crosses, which in the context of the Buffyverse never did ( ... )


penny_lane_42 September 13 2009, 05:01:40 UTC
Cutesy works, sure. I remember seeing "precious" used in that way the first couple of times, and I was so confused because I'd never seen it before and the dictionaries I had didn't have that definition of them. It's still weird to hear that word with that connotation, even if I think you're right that it fits with this particular context ( ... )


snickfic September 13 2009, 10:52:17 UTC
Actually, of my very few options I think Riley's my favorite Jossian representation of a religious character - certainly of a Christian character. Not only does he get a line, but he actually goes to church in "Who Are You?" What's more, Joss doesn't make a big deal of this or try to make any particular point with it - which I'm pretty sure is just as well, considering Joss' history. It's just an unremarked aspect of who Riley is.

To my mind, this is much more convincing and interesting than Willow's occasional "Hanukkah!" exclamations. It also hints that there's a lot more to Riley than we're ever shown, which I also like. Despite his insecurities and his basic incompatibility with Buffy, I like Riley and appreciate anything that rounds out his character a little more.


penny_lane_42 September 13 2009, 16:44:12 UTC
I agree that Riley's is the best depiction for all the reasons you mentioned. I guess it's a sort of tokenism there that mildly irks me. It's like Joss said, "Oh, look. Someone from Middle America. He can be a Christian!" Which on one level is fine, because there no doubt are more (Protestant--I think Catholicism is growing there along with the Latino population) Christians in flyover country than in California. Still...he's from Iowa, he's the only one. It just sort of makes me roll my eyes.

But yeah, I wouldn't get upset about Riley, as his is far and away the best and fairest depiction.


snickfic September 14 2009, 02:09:47 UTC
I guess it's a sort of tokenism there that mildly irks me.

I'd have to watch the ep again to say for sure, but I rather had the impression that if they hadn't needed to get Riley to the church somehow, we'd never have found out at all. I rather thought that Riley's church-going was a plot-related contingency, rather than something that put actual thought into. Which is perhaps why it somewhat less silly than, say, Book.

In complete unrelatedness, how goes the Seraph beta-ing? I'm very interested to read your critique when you have it. (And please, don't be afraid to tell me if things aren't working! That's what betas are for. *g*)


penny_lane_42 September 16 2009, 02:38:29 UTC
Ah, betaing. I'm so sorry it's taken me so long, but now that I've finally gotten back to my computer and more-than-a-few-minute computer access, I've been working on it. I was trying to get it all back to you at once, which was why I still haven't sent it (but now that I think about it, I don't know why I wanted to do that). I'll probably send you the first two chapters in the morning. One thing I love that you're doing is that you give us this little melty Spike-and-his-baby moments...but there aren't so many that they ever pile up and amount to saccharine-ness, you know? Also, your Spike-and-Buffy interactions. So, briefly, love it.


snickfic September 16 2009, 02:42:58 UTC
Yay! I know what you mean about computer access - when I had to go without for three weeks last month, it felt like my whole life was on hold.

And feel free to send whatever you like, whenever it's done. I'm still waiting on detailed betaing from one of the other betas as well. :)

Yay, melty moments. I figured out that those were one of my favorite things about this portion of the fic, so I kind of made a point of writing them.

So, yeah. Whenever. :)


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