May 01, 2013 20:02

I never want to write 20k in a month again. At least not on purpose. It's basically what I did for RBB, but then I was writing to the end of the story, not to some arbitrary word count.

This draft definitely falls down at the end. It needs at least one, maybe two more scenes to end properly, and also we may very well remove the gratuitous porn at the end, or else make it less gratuitous. Ideally I will clean it up some before I send it to my artist. Artist claims on SATURDAY, EEEP.

Also I post for genteensybang tomorrow. Blessed be to the teensymod that my posting date was not today. (I didn't think to ask when the schedule was being made.)

Speaking of teensybang, go look! Glorious fic already being posted! Glorious art likewise! I can already tell this is going to have one of the highest awesomeness per work quotients of any event this year. Proper recs later.

Also, now that bb is out, I have to tidy up rarewomen. Guys, I love rarewomen and all that it stands for, but I'm skipping it next year if I sign up for bb again.

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