fic rec: Cabin in the Woods

Feb 14, 2013 22:21

I watched it, finally. So many good people! FRAN KANZ. :DDD

This rec is a wee bit spoilery, so, spoiler cut.

By far my favorite part of the movie was the monsters, down in the installation. At the beginning, during the betting pool, I paused just so I could read off all the names, and I was deeply disappointed that we got zombies. Bo-ring.

But then! Then we got to see ALL THE MONSTERS. EVEN THE MERMAN. It was perfect. (I really want to know how those people with the white masks were killing.) Actually, to be really honest, the only reason I watched this at all was because I saw a photoset of the monsters on Tumblr.

All of which leads to me reccing Monsters, Inc, by Margo_Kim, a 2012 Yuletide fic that's a series of pre-canon vignettes involving the monsters and their keepers. It integrates a bunch of the monsters mentioned in the film (the angry molesting tree!) and generally hilarious. I rec it highly.

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