adventures in movie-watching: Captain America

Jan 13, 2013 15:28

Still sick. Am watching comic book movies to pass the time.

Statistically unlikely fact: before today, the last three movies I watched were The Hobbit (Hugo Weaving!), Men in Black (Tommy Lee Jones!), The Hunger Games (Stanley Tucci!). Movie I decided to watch today: Captain America. Which includes all three.

I had no idea. The only person I knew for certain was in it was Chris Evans. (Am v. curious about how they handled the special effects on his before-and-after shots. I know they can jimmy with height and such, but aside from that, he was just so scrawny.)

It was fun. I enjoyed it. Honestly, I spent the whole movie waiting for us to get to the modern day, because Steve in the modern day interests me more than anything that was happening during WWII.

My one other thought was: if Peggy's going to charge into battle with everyone else, why in heaven's name doesn't someone give the woman a helmet??? (Also, you know what, I am still a sucker for forties women's fashion. The permanent wave and that starkly contrasting lipstick? Yes, please.)

Next stop: Thor. Or possibly a nap. It's a toss-up.

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