Ficathon goodness!

Jul 19, 2009 14:59

The archive is now open for remixredux09. Hooray! There's bunches of yummy Buffyverse stuff there, along with lots of other fandoms that I haven't even glanced at yet.

In particular, there is Bitter if Steeped Too Long (The Broken Orange Pekoe Remix), which is a really lovely remix of my Giles&Buffy ficlet, "Genuine Old British Guy Tea." It's a look, via tea, at Giles and Buffy much farther down the road, and takes the whole scenario a lot deeper than I took it. I'm tickled pink.

Meanwhile, this is also posting weekend for the annual apocalyptothon, in which fic authors end the world in horrible ways and see how their characters cope. There's some Buffyverse stuff there - oddly, almost all of it features Faith - as well as an excellent Dollhouse Paul/Mellie fic that I'll write up a rec for here soon.

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