FIC: This Is the World We Made

Mar 13, 2012 17:48

Title: This Is the World We Made
Fandom: Buffyverse, Dollhouse
Characters: Dawn Summers, Dollhouse ensemble
Words / Rating: 1500 / G
Spoilers: for all of both shows
Summary: Dawn's tired of being Buffy Summers' little sister. It takes her a long time to figure out who she is instead ( Read more... )

length: one-shot, fandom: dollhouse, ch: dawn, pairing: gen, entry: fic, fandom: buffyverse, ch: topher

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penny_lane_42 March 14 2012, 14:02:41 UTC

He reminded Dawn of Andrew a little: blond, spazztastic, probably knew every Green Lantern incarnation. Like he might be fun to talk to, if there weren’t an ever-so-much more exciting Slayer around.

He has always reminded me of Andrew, and I love that Dawn thinks the same.

The thought came unbidden, involuntary: It’s not apocalypse season yet.


and who’d have thought that particular false memory, the odor of exploded high school, would ever come in useful?

Oh, Dawn. This is a perfect detail.

surely she and a few other actuals could pull a reverse Thor Heyerdahl to Scandinavia, to Iceland, to Buffy.

I love the mix of historical reference and sisterly bond here.

AND THE ENDING. Well-done!


snickfic March 14 2012, 17:24:25 UTC

This is what happens when I procrastinate! Truth is, I wrote the entire thing almost two years ago; it's taken me this long to decide it didn't need any more work (or rather that, even if it did, it wasn't going to get it and it'd be a shame if it never saw the light of day).

I am so glad you like! It occurs to me that this is actually the longest Dawn-centric thing I've ever written. Much as I adore her, I somehow haven't written her very much; most of what I've written from her POV was in Seraph, when she was so young. Adult!Dawn is terrifying and badass, though. I should write more of her.


rebcake March 15 2012, 04:56:21 UTC
I love this quite a bit. Adelle's voice is so perfect. Topher is...annoying, fascinating, damaged...all the things that I love about him in just a few short strokes. The Faith/Echo idea will always amuse me, and the idea that not all apocalypses that affect the Summers gals will come from the demon realms is scarily true.


snickfic March 15 2012, 23:38:27 UTC
Yay, I am so glad you enjoyed it!

the idea that not all apocalypses that affect the Summers gals will come from the demon realms is scarily true.

Yes. That's really where this longer story came from - the idea that it's easy to miss one apocalypse while you're busy looking for others. :\


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