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Buffyverse Drabbles
And Didn't Know It - Spuffy. DW | LJ | AO3
Procrastination - Larry/Jonathan (ish). DW | LJ | AO3
Fifth Sense - Oz/Willow. DW | LJ | AO3
Recipe - Buffy & Dawn. DW | LJ | AO3
I Win - Xander & Spike. DW | LJ | AO3
Made a Lot of Stops - Spike & Joyce. DW | LJ | AO3
Up - Anya (PG-13 for subject matter). DW | LJ | AO3
Toppings - Spike, Anya, Dawn. DW | LJ | AO3
The Game of Life - Anya. DW | LJ | AO3
Opportunity and Motive - Spike (pure crack). DW | LJ | AO3
Doomed to Repeat - Spike, Dawn. DW | LJ | AO3
Survivors - Spuffy + Lorne. DW | LJ | AO3
Leveled - Spike, Xander. DW | LJ | AO3
Unassuming - Dawn, Topher Brink (Dollhouse crossover). DW | LJ |
Old Habits - Giles/Faith. DW | LJ | Old Habits
Commercial Enterprise - Buffy, Willy the Snitch - meta-fannish crack. DW | LJ | AO3
What She Knew - Riley, Dru. DW | LJ | AO3
Through the Looking Glass - Spike/Buffy. DW | LJ | AO3
Weightless - Dawn. DW | LJ | AO3
Figuratively Speaking - Buffy+poetry. DW | LJ | AO3
Cured Skins of Dead Animals - Willow. DW | LJ | AO3
Auld Lang Syne - Spike in the distant future. DW | LJ | AO3
Last? - Faith, comics-verse (R for language). DW | LJ | AO3
Gonna See About That - Dawn/Ethan. DW | LJ | AO3
Be Still - Oz. DW | LJ | AO3
Mature Themes - Buffy/Spike, Dawn. DW | LJ | AO3
The Road Less Bloody - Spike/Willow. DW | LJ | AO3
If At First You Don't Succeed, Kick Something - Buffy, Illyria. DW | LJ | AO3
The Echo of Sweet Memory - Buffy/Angelus. DW | LJ | AO3
Some Burnt, Some Rebuilt - Buffy, Faith. DW | LJ | AO3
In Many Forms - Spike, Giles, grief. DW | LJ | AO3
New Lessons - Kendra. DW | LJ | AO3
A Difference in Perspective - Rupert Giles, Adelle DeWitt (Dollhouse crossover). DW | LJ | AO3
Birds of a Freaking Feather - Dean/Faith (SPN crossover). DW | LJ | AO3


Buffyverse One-Shots

A Right Sorry Couple of Vamps - Darla, Spike - 1900 words - BtVS 5.4, Ats early S2
For a little while, from everything except the feverish thoughts and the thumping in her chest and the (don’t say it) soul that burned like ice somewhere deeper within, she escaped.
DW | LJ | AO3

Bloody Unnatural - Spike, Darla - 1500 words - circa BtVS early S6, Ats early S3
Someone's burning candles in his crypt.
DW | LJ | AO3

A Man of Many Colors - Oz - 1600 words - pre-series through BtVS mid-S2
Blue for grief. Purple for - well, grief, and confusion, and rebellion, and taking charge of something that he shouldn’t have needed to. Brown for being himself. Brown for being himself for Willow. What color for fear?
DW | LJ | AO3

Lacking - Spike - 400 words - post BtVS 5.7 Fool For Love
He had a soul, didn't he, before?
DW | LJ | AO3

A Wyndam-Pryce Tradition - Wesley - 500 words - pre-series
His letter came from the Academy today.
DW | LJ | AO3

Genuine Old British Guy Tea - Giles, Buffy - 320 words - BtVS 4.9
The lie down hadn't helped at all.
DW | LJ | AO3

untitled Spike sonnet, circa S6 - Spike/Buffy
DW | LJ | AO3

Abandon Hope (The Mary Quite Contrary Remix) - Drusilla - 1000 words - BtVS S2, implied spoilers through S7
She would plant daisies and when they bloomed she’d squeeze their heads off one by one, as she’d pop the heads of children when Spike made her well again.
DW | LJ | AO3

Worlds Enough, And - Illyria/Wesley - circa Ats late S5
Illyria considers a human poet
DW | LJ | AO3

Paper Gowns and Hospital Crowns - Willow, Xander - 1100 words - spoilers through BtVS 7.19 Over the years, Willow and Xander have spent a lot of time in hospitals. They even have souvenirs.
DW | LJ | AO3

At Last - Giles - 640 words - post BtVS S1
Giles had been looking forward to this since the morning of that first day at Sunnydale High School, when a smirking senior interrupted Giles’ survey of the grimoires to ask for Penthouse.
DW | LJ | AO3

She Saves the World a Lot - Buffy/Spike - 270 words - post-series
"You realize that this is total patriarchal objectifying crap, right?" --- My spin on the ever-popular Shag-or-Die.
DW | LJ | AO3

The Ones Not Kissed - Oz, Cordelia - 2000 words - BtVS 3.8 Lovers Walk
He's not really sure why he came or what to say now that he's here. 'Sorry my girlfriend made out with your boyfriend'?
DW | LJ | AO3

What She Was Waiting For - Buffy/Spike - 500 words - Ats 5.22
It's all confusion at first: sixty women flooding into a battlefield squeezed between crumbling multi-stories.
DW | LJ |

Little Red and the Big Bad - Willow/Spike - 1400 words - BtVS 4.7
It’s a week after the fang disfunction that Willow sees Spike again, lurking behind a tree just five steps off the library-Stevenson shortcut.
DW | LJ | AO3

Chains and Bonds and Keys - Dawn, Spike - 800 words - BtVS mid-S6
"You're shopping for Buffy, aren't you?" Dawn says.
DW | LJ | AO3

Better When Aged - Darla, Giles - 200 words - BtVS 1.01
Sitting in the Bronze, skirt spread coyly over her knees, Darla is stalking her prey.
DW | LJ | AO3

The Very Small Girl and the Monster - Spike, River Tam (Firefly crossover) - 2100 words - post-everything
There's a monster River needs to meet.
DW | LJ | AO3

The Slayer's Vampire Tryst - Buffy/Spike - 5500 words - post BtVS 5.10
Buffy's made a lot of sacrifices in the name of saving the world, but this is a new one. [A different tongue-in-cheek spin on the shag-or-die trope.]
DW | LJ | AO3

Again - Darla, Lindsey - 800 words - post Ats 1.22 To Shanshu in L.A.
The first time Darla rose from the dead, it wasn't like this.
DW | LJ | AO3

Elegy in Six Voices - Ats S3 ensemble - 2100 words - post Ats 3.9 Lullaby
She ought to be mourned.
DW | LJ | AO3

Things Done in the Name of War - Snape, Spike/Buffy - 2000 words
Spoilers: post-NFA; HP spoilers through, hmm, the third or fourth book? It has Snape, so.
Warnings: mpreg. Also utter crack.
Under protest, Severus Snape agrees to help an American muggle and her vampire conceive a child. It only goes downhill from there.
DW | LJ | AO3

Or Settle on the Far Side of the Sea - Dawn, Willow - 370 words - post-series
It turns out there are perks to being made of green lightning held in some kind of matrix of mystical equilibrium. Wingfic.
DW | LJ | AO3

Nothing Beside Remains - Dawn - post-series
A little SF-flavored one-sentence ficlet.

The Cheese Man Cometh - Buffy, Giles, Willow, Xander - 1400 words - post BtVS S4
There’s something wrong with the cheese world, they agree. The cheese man is not what he was.
DW | LJ | AO3

Sinner (a character study in ten drabbles) - Spike - 1000 words - series-spanning
He's a bad, rude man, is Spike.
DW | LJ | AO3

Adaptability in the Workplace is Key - Cordelia/Giles - 370 words - early Ats S2
Warnings: dub-con, genderswap, mpreg, crack
Demon goo, sex pollen, waking up as a guy: just another day at Angel Investigations. Sometimes Cordelia hates her job.
DW | LJ | AO3

All Things Are Subject - Buffy, Scoobs, Spike, Angel - 2300 words - BtVS S4
Warnings: Major character death, gross bodily injury stuff, gore.
The vamps of Sunnydale are having trouble holding themselves together.
DW | LJ | AO3

A Little Less Alone - Faith, Buffy - 3600 words - post-Chosen
For reasons entirely opaque to Faith, Buffy shows up one day Faith's Cleveland doorstep, looking broken.
DW | LJ | AO3

This Is the World We Made - Dawn, Topher Brink - 1500 words - post-Chosen, post-Epitaph Two
Dawn's tired of being Buffy Summers' little sister. It takes her a long time and another apocalypse to figure out who she is instead.
DW | LJ | AO3

you make it with your hands - Buffy-centric, Buffy/Spike - poem - S6
If death is her gift, then why is she still alive?
DW | LJ | AO3

Additional Work By This Artist - Dawn/Ethan - 1100 words - post-Chosen
It's hard to really despise a man who once let you be Xena for a night.
DW | LJ | AO3

Tea Parties - Dru/Buffybot - 1300 words - spoilers through 6.02 Bargaining
Dru has lost all her dollies, but she knows where to find a new one.

Down Memory Lane - Dawn/Faith - 1400 words - post-series
All Dawn knows is Faith went on a memory walk, and now she's freaked.

Banked - Willow/Kendra - 1100 words - spoilers through 2.22 Becoming II
The apocalypse means Willow's magic is getting pretty good. It isn't the only thing that's changing.
DW | LJ | AO3

Enough to Make a Girl Feel All Gooey - Faith/Buffy - ficlet - Wishverse AU
Buffy told Faith to stay in Cleveland. Yeah, right.

Do It Again - Dru/Darla - drabble
Dru's been naughty.

The Clockwork Circuit of the Stars - Faith/Giles - 2100 words
“So, Cliffnotes,” Buffy said. The table might’ve been round, but there was still no question which one of them was queen. “Slayer and watcher do the hokey-pokey, and the world keeps turning itself around.”

A long, thick, syrupy silence followed. Faith broke it by laughing, and everyone turned to glare. “What, like it’s going to be anyone except me and G?”


Longfics / Series

Seraphverse masterpost
Spike, Dawn, ensemble - PG-13 - spoilers through late S5
Words: 72k
Warnings: mpreg
Summary: The chip was only one of the things the Initiative did to Spike, and feeding himself without killing is just the first thing Spike has to do to deal with the effects. In fact, the effects might be permanent, if he lets them. He thinks he might want to let them.
DW | LJ | AO3

To Come Home To 'verse masterpost
Buffy/Spike, ensemble - R - post-series
Words: 10k and counting
Warnings: mpreg, post-apocalyptic, shanshu!Spike
Summary: It's a broken world out there, and the folks in here aren't doing so great either. Spike's human now, to his regret; his body's doing weird things not wholly explained by the fact of being human; Buffy's feeling the weight of world's brokenness on her shoulders, and isn't sure how much more she can take. Together with a handful of Scoobies and other folks, they're trying to survive, and not just physically.
DW | LJ | AO3

Winterpocalypse 'verse masterpost
Faith, Giles, Oz, ensemble - PG-13 - post-series
Words: 4k and counting
Warnings: post-apocalyptics
Summary: In the south there are monsters. In the north there's a deep freeze. Everywhere, every bit of black magic anyone has ever dabbled in, every taint of demon they've ever been marked with, is rising to the surface. In a cold, dark world, our heroes are struggling just to stay on the side of good.
DW | LJ | AO3


Supernatural / Supernatural RPF

Ritual - Dean - 150 words - circa S1
It’s a rule Dean has: wash your hands at the sink farthest from the door.
DW | LJ | AO3

Respite - Dean/Ellen - 7300 words - circa S3
Before Dean leaves this life for good, he finds someone to come home to for a while.
DW | LJ | AO3

Birds of a Freaking Feather - Dean/Faith (SPN/BtVS crossover). Drabble. DW | LJ | AO3

Returning Prodigals are Last Year's News - Dean, Jo - 1000 words - post-6.11
Dean's night was actually going pretty well until the thing showed up wearing Jo's face.
DW | LJ | AO3

i would rather start a family than finish one - Jo/Sam + Dean - 1700 words - no spoilers
Warnings: discussion of abortion
Jo's pregnant with a baby she isn't sure she wants, and Dean offers her an out she'd never have expected.
DW | LJ | AO3

In a House By the Sea, With Mermaids - Sam, Dean - 3400 words - futurefic
Sam and Dean live in a house by the sea, and Sam translates ancient manuscripts and Dean reads westerns, and it's a pretty great retirement, really. Only Sam's started hearing things, which is weird, since Sam hasn't heard anything in years.
DW | LJ | AO3

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life - Ellen, Dean - 330 words - during 5.10
The night before the crew goes after Lucifer, Ellen stays up all night, waiting for dawn.
DW | LJ | AO3

Women Who Run Away From Home - Jo, Anna - 3600 words - spoilers through 5.02
Jo doesn't trust the woman who appears in her motel room, but there's a storm of demons brewing that she trusts a whole lot less.
DW | LJ | AO3

Human Conditions - Dean, Castiel - 1700 words - spoilers through 5.14
A guy chows down on raw meat, that's going to have consequences, even if the guy's an angel. Good thing Dean's around to keep his mind off things, right?
DW | LJ | AO3

All the Cool People - Amy/Sam - 2500 words - spoilers through 7.03
The thing is, if you’re going to run away with zero skills or prospects, then Sam’s not a bad kid to run away with.
DW | LJ | AO3

True Believers - Ruby, Meg - 700 words - spoilers through 5.01
Ruby's a traitor, the other demons want her head on a platter, and none of them even bothers to ask why she's doing it. Almost none.
DW | LJ | AO3

What Should Really, Really Never Be - Dean, Sam, Gen, Misha, lots of pairings - 9800 words - circa 6.15
In which Supernatural is a TV show, the gal who plays Ruby has apparently knocked up the guy who plays Sam, and the guy who plays Cas keeps bugging Dean for PDAs. Dean’s just relieved that the guy who plays him is a beta, whatever that means.
DW | LJ | AO3

The Only Cure for Grief - Jimmy Novak, Dean, Sam - 5500 words - post-S5 AU
The apocalypse is over, and Jimmy Novak has cobbled together a life now, kind of. The last thing he needs is for Winchesters to come walking back into it. Yet here they are, Sam recovering from demon blood and Dean only recently angel-free, looking for refuge and other things Jimmy doesn’t know how to give.
DW | LJ | AO3

It Perches In the Soul - Castiel, Jo - 3300 words - spoilers through 5.18 - wingfic
Jo first met Castiel long before Carthage, and he kept seeing her long after it.
DW | LJ | AO3

Who Favors Fire - Tamara/Sam - 2000 words - spoilers through 5.21
Tamara comes back to America to help kill the devil and finds a different Sam Winchester than the one she remembers.
DW | LJ | AO3

Many Waters - Jess/Sam - 3200 words - spoilers through pilot
It’s not that Jess has never noticed Sam’s superhuman control of his bladder. It just never occurred to her to care until now.
DW | LJ | AO3

had it coming - Dean/Bela - 169 words - spoilers through S3
These are the hands of a thief on his skin.
DW | LJ | AO3

Reasons Dean is Grateful to His Brother's Werewolf Girlfriend - Dean+Sam/Madison - spoilers through 2.17 Heart
If it weren't for that one love bite that one time, Dean figures things would be pretty different.
DW | LJ | AO3

Red-Headed Stepchild - Abaddon, Lilith - 1100 words - spoilers through 8.12 As Time Goes By - G
Being the story of how Abaddon became the last surviving Night of Hell.
DW | LJ | AO3

Look What We Did - Meg/Castiel - 440 words - character spoilers through end of S7 - PG-13
"I suppose it is a kind of miracle."
warnings: mpreg, plotless fluff
DW | LJ | AO3

you were meant for me (perhaps as punishment) - Meg/Castiel - 2400 words - spoilers through 8.17 Goodbye Stranger
Castiel's in Purgatory, one step ahead of the leviathan and with no one's company but his own. And Meg's, but she's not real, of course.
LJ | AO3

Where Owls Dwell - Sam, Dean - 2400 words - spoilers through 8.14 Trial and Error
Everyone dreams about flying, right?
LJ | AO3

Best Thing Going - Meg/Castiel - 2700 words - spoilers through 8.17 Goodbye Stranger
“My angel,” she says. Then she chokes on her own blood awhile, and there are sirens, and fuck she doesn’t want sirens. “Castiel’s my angel, and you gotta pray to him, okay?”
DW | LJ | AO3

In Time of Need - Sam/Jo - 2400 words - spoilers through 2.02 Everybody Loves a Clown
A few hours ago, Jo Harvelle punched Sam's brother in the nose. Now she's offering to help Sam through his much-belated first heat, and he's too miserable to refuse.
Warnings: alpha/beta/omega dynamics, heat sex, knotting, intersex genitalia
DW | LJ | AO3

Jo's Last Chance Coffee Shop - Jo/Ruby - 3100 words - spoilers through S4
Out of all the coffee shops in all the crumbling post-apocalyptic world, Ruby walks into Jo's.
Warnings: implied off-screen character death (not Jo or Ruby)
DW | LJ | AO3

Ain't No Mountain - Claire/Castiel - 4600 words - spoilers through 8.23
Warnings: pseudo-incest, dubcon on Castiel's part, underage (Claire is 17), unsafe sex, post-S8

worn for sleeping - Jess - 1300 words - spoilers through S5
It takes three tubes of paint - three shades carelessly selected, though when she finishes Jess sees each one is progressively more red - to write Sam’s name on the wall.
LJ | AO3

The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship - Meg + Bela - ficlet - spoilers through 8.17
Meg goes to hell in search of loyal subjects. She thinks she may have found one.

bright wings - Meg/Castiel - 1300 words - steampunk AU
Castiel has metal wings. Meg has an oil can.

Ride 'Em, Cowboy - Meg+Sam - ficlet - spoilers through Born Under a Bad Sign
Warnings: violence, blood, death of children, possession, self-harm, noncon arousal, sexist slurs
This is no well-broke ride; this pony tries to take the bit every damn time, and it’s a tight rein Meg keeps.
DW | LJ | AO3

three's a crowd - Tamara+Sam - 1200 words - spoilers through S4?
Warnings: canon-level violence, general creepiness
Tamara hasn't seen Sam Winchester in twenty years. She's not sure she's happy to see him now.
DW | LJ | AO3

Supernatural Series/Longfics

The Fairy Tale 'Verse
Jo/Sam - NC-17 - AU
Words: 11k and counting
Warnings: Alpha/beta/omega dynamics, knotting, heat-related dubcon, suggestions of prior sexual trauma.
Summary: It's a harsh world if you're an omega, and all hunter women are. Jo and Ellen each find their own ways of coping and their own partners to do that coping with.
DW | LJ | AO3

Supernatural RPF

Knottingverse Masterpost
Danneel Harris, Genevieve Cortese, Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles, ensemble
Words / Rating: 5k and counting / R
Setting: alpha/beta/omega college AU
Warnings: unlikely anatomy, references to knotting and past sexual abuse
Summary: Danneel's an omega who can't deal with alphas, and Gen's an alpha who just wants an omega boy to call her own. Somehow, they're besties. Meanwhile, Jared's an omega who's still coming to terms with that fact.
Latest Update: Thermodynamics and the Modern Male, 8/10/12
DW | LJ | AO3

Won't You Be My Teddy Bear - Gen/Jared - 5000 words - PG-13
Warnings/Enticements: werecreatures, arranged marriage, references to mpreg
Genevieve's parents explained it to her when she was young: Bear clans with young boars sent them off to other clans in need. It was the way. Now Genevieve is that young boar, journeying to a neighboring clan to find her mate, a sow named Jared whom she's never met before in her life.
DW | LJ | AO3

(Don't) Work It, Baby - Jensen/Danneel, Jared - 640 words - PG
Warnings / Contents: happy D/s fluff, possessiveness, alpha/beta/omega dynamics, otherwise non-AU
Danneel catches Jensen in the middle of questionable set shenanigans and reminds him who he belongs to.
DW | LJ | AO3

Of Various Mythological Beasts - Gen/Misha - 1800 words - PG
Warnings / Contents: utter crack, HS AU, dragony bits, tentacles!
The thing is, you don't get your dragon form all it once.
DW | LJ | AO3

Long Way Home - Jensen/Jared/Genevieve - 21k words - NC-17
A pandemic has swept the country, and the people Jensen cared about most in the world are dead. Now Jensen, his best friend Jared, and Jared’s girlfriend Gen flee Seattle and strike out for Texas to find Jared’s family. But it’s two thousand miles from here to there, and the trio’s passage through a world that will never be the same begins to change their relationship into something it’s never been.
DW | LJ | AO3

At Least Ian Malcolm Had a Sat Phone - Gen/Jared - 5400 words - PG
All Gen wants is to get through her last day of wolfiness for the month and go home. Only now there's this idiot stumbling through her woods, and she just hopes he doesn't hurt himself. By, say, falling into that icy stream and twisting his ankle, like a twit.
DW | LJ | AO3 | podfic by sylvia_locust

Into the Briny Deep - Gen/Misha - 2500 words - NC-17
Gen’s a fearsome pirate queen, and Misha’s a deadly kraken - even if it is a little weird wearing matching Halloween costumes when they aren’t technically dating. First this leads to awkwardness, but then it leads to sex, so overall Gen’s calling it a win.
Warnings: tentacle sex, role play, first time, college au, mentions of rape fantasy
DW | LJ | AO3

Goodnight Bears - Jared/Gen - 5200 words - PG-13
Winter is coming in, Genevieve's first in a new clan where she's the future mate of werebear boy she's known only a few months. She's finding it harder than she expected, learning to live among these new bears. She can't go home, she doesn't know how to stay here, and worst of all, she doesn't know how to talk to anyone about it - not even Jared.
Warnings: underage kissing and naked cuddling, but no other sexual activity; mentions of mpreg; mentions of weight gain for hibernation purposes
DW | LJ | AO3

Double Pointed - Jensen/Misha - 900 words - G
Misha and Misha's werehedgehog boyfriend Jensen each have their own way of coping when life gets to be too much.
DW | LJ | AO3

Not Just for Hallmark Specials Anymore - Jensen/Danneel - 24k - PG
Jensen's a pregnant omega running away from his past, and Danneel's the beta whose cafe he stumbles into. One night's shelter turns into a long-term arrangement, and Danneel finds herself falling for him, even though beta/omega relationships are considered pretty weird, and female!beta/male!omega relationships are considered really weird.

All Clean - Jared/Gen - 13k - NC-17
When Jared takes over his grandma's farm, he inherits a few things - like a brownie. Magical fairy tale company is better than no company at all, but the brownie can only stay as long as she's cleaning something. She and Jared get pretty creative about finding things for her to clean.
DW | LJ | AO3


Comics Fandom

Lying to a Lying Cat - Saga - Sofie, Lying Cat - 2000 words
After what happened on the fruit planet, Sophie's not sure Lying Cat will ever be friends with her again.

Pitching the Woo - FF - Darla/Scott - 2100 words
Microbe tours and VIP concert tickets are totally things friends do for each other. Right? (In which Darla and Scott spend a lot of time being oblivious to the nature of their relationship.)

Not a Hound - Saga - The Will, Lying Cat - 900 words
He pulled his heartbreaker out of its holster, and then considered further and brandished a knife with his other hand. Not that that’d help him much if it turned out the thing spit acid or was fixing to explode, but odds were he wouldn’t run into two biogenetic bombs in one month, right? “Hey, dog,” he said.

Better in Blue - Saga - Alana/Marko - 1200 words
Alana is still discovering all the ways she and Marko are different.

Open Road - Captain America (comics) - Natasha, Bucky - 1300 words
The thing about a diesel is it'll run on practically anything, at least for a while. Thus it is in a 1984 Mercedes 240D that Natasha pulls even with the hitchhiker and comes to a stop.

Safe House - Black Widow (comics) - Natasha, Ana - 1600 words
There's no reason for Natasha to have much to do with the other residents of her building. That's what she keeps telling herself.

Trapdoor - Black Widow (comics) - Yelena/Natasha - 1100 words
They're in hostile territory, Natasha is badly injured, and there is only Yelena to keep her alive - if she chooses to.

If Wishes Were Fishes - Saga - The Will/The Stalk - 4600 words
The Stalk has a job at a ball on the cogwork planet, and she wants The Will to come along. The Will would really rather take a nap.

Meet-Cute - Saga - Klara/Barr - 1300 words
Klara goes to the hostel’s dining hall to escape her thoughts, but it seems that goofy-looking guy from dinner can’t sleep, either.

second star to the right - Saga - Klara+Hazel - ficlet
Klara shows Hazel the stars.

the legs on that dame - Saga - The Brand/The Stalk - 1300 words
“I don’t know about this,” Enriette said.

Sophie kept her eye on the dude with fins standing under a yellow street lamp. “You’re the one who wanted to shoot something."

wherever you go, there you are - Natasha - ficlet
Natasha thought about the places she’d like to hide, given a choice. She ordered them by practicality, and she started at the bottom.

leaven - Gamora/Nebula/Natasha - ficlet
This is how Gamora meets Nebula again: surrounded by fallen corpse soldiers while some redheaded woman in black looks on.

Losers and Finders - Gamora/Jane Foster - ficlet
Losers, Peter called their troupe, but Jane isn’t one.

stone floor, ceiling of stars - Gamora/Nebula - 2.6k
Her hand was restored, Gamora noted. She looked at Gamora with fathomless eyes. Gamora had known how to read those eyes once, to see the expression in them. “Nebula,” Thanos said. “Kill her.”


Hockey RPF
Base Notes - Sid/Geno - 16.5k - a/b/o AU
In which Evgeni Malkin comes to America as one of the few omegas in pro hockey, lights up the NHL, and spends a lot of time wondering why Sidney Crosby is so damn weird.

Amphibious - Sid/Ovi - 8k
Sidney eventually got used to Alex sometimes being a salamander. Now that Alex is pregnant with Sidney's salamander babies, he really hopes Sidney can get used to that, too. It isn't that weird, right? Right?

put your lips together and blow - Sid/Geno - 2.1k - Explicit
Tonight Geno finally gets to see the bugle in Sidney's pants.

When in Doubt, Set It on Fire - Sid/Ovi - 4k
First Sidney tells Alex Consol's ice is cursed. Then he says he has a plan to fix it. Then he stops talking to Alex very much at all, and that's when Alex starts to get worried.

Waste Not and sequel - Sid/Geno - Explicit
Sidney eats more than he should, and Geno enjoys the results more than he expects.

Switch Hitter - girl!Sid/Geno - D/s AU
Geno's a dom and only a dom, Sidney's a sub who doms sometimes but only because people keep asking her nicely, and all their feelings for each other are entirely platonic. Yeah right.

golden showers (bring may flowers) - Sid/Geno - 2.4k - a/b/o AU - Explicit
Gonch was right - it wasn’t common. Still, at least once a week, Geno caught a whiff of some omega that smelled like the inside of a urinal. He filed it away as one of those weird things Americans did, and he didn’t think about it. Mostly he didn’t think about it.

with just a little bit of luck - Olli Maatta + ensemble, ficlet - Explicit
NHL game rituals are really different from the ones in Finland.

Make Yourself at Home - Sid/Geno - 8.6k - bowerbird AU
“I could just live at your house,” Sid said, scowling at a color swatch. “I like your house.”

“My house best,” Zhenya agreed. Then, because he did actually care about Sid and his ongoing bower-building angst, he added, “But your house good, too.”

foul weather friend - Sid+Flower - ficlet
Sid's been careful about keeping the fact that he's into men underwraps. But somehow, somebody got a hold of some seriously incriminating pictures/video and is blackmailing him with them. And he has to decide what the fuck he's going to do now.

Silver Medal Baby - Geno/Hilary Knight - 2k
"You not even win gold! We had loser sex." Hilary did not point out that at least she medaled. If one of them was going to get knocked up at the Olympics, obviously it would be Geno.

Adult Conversation - Geno/Flower - 5k
It’s bad enough that Flower can't talk to people without calling them things like poopy butt. It’s worse that Geno isn’t talking to him at all.

condiments - Sid/Jack Johnson - 3k
“I’ve got some time.” Sid’s voice buzzed a little. Too many satellite connections between Jack and Prague, probably. “I want to get some work started at the house, so I’ll be around for a week or so. You should come.”

repairs - Sid/Geno - ficlet
Geno settled next to Sid and slanted a glance each way. No one paid much attention. Then he pulled off his left glove and shook it over Sid’s lap, and out of it dropped a finger.

And in Health - Sid/Geno - 2k
So Geno proposed to people in times of stress. That was fine. Geno’s feelings were ferocious and unwieldy and sometimes just fucking inconvenient, and there wasn’t a guy on the team who hadn’t figured that out within a couple of weeks of being here.

Always Coming Home - Marchand/Bergeron - 5k
Patrice considered the distance on Google Maps, and he talked to his mother. Finally he called his grandmother. “Could I come out and see you and the family, one afternoon?” Of course he could, she assured him, just the slightest bit offended that he would ask. It took him longer to ask the next question. “Can I bring someone with me?”

Almost as Bright - Sid/Geno - 3.6k
Last night Zhenya was in a club in Moscow. This morning he's lying naked on the beach of a lake he doesn't recognize. This has never happened to him before.

in line - Sid/Tanger - 1k
Tanger’s laugh this time is real: temper past. “You gonna reward me? Keep me in line?”

The Other Side of the Wall - Chara + ensemble - 2k
The problem is that a new dress always makes him a little giddy, secretly, in the bottom of his stomach. A new dress he loves this much overwhelms all his better judgment.

Circus - Flower/Murray/Zatkoff - 4.3k - Explicit
Flower is a good teammate who doesn't mind playing backup. He's trying, anyway.

tilt-shift - Sid/Geno - 4.3k
Zhenya rode the Pens charter plane with the rest of the media crew: Michelle and Sam and the ROOT team. He went to bed too late and woke up way too fucking early. “Good thing you’re behind the camera instead of in front of it,” Michelle said one morning. She had a donut from the continental breakfast. Zhenya had two.

“You look like me, too, if you don’t have all that makeup,” Zhenya told her crankily.

barb, shaft, quill - Marchand/Bergeron - 2.5k
Everyone knew about Brad’s obsession with the desert - deserts in general, the Sonoran in specific. Nobody knew what the hell to make of it. “You’re from fucking Halifax, man,” Torey had said one time when Brad turned up with some random fact about Gila monsters. “You should be into lobster or clams or some shit.”

Camouflage - Crosby/Kessel - 13.8k
Just weeks after Phil Kessel is acquired by the Penguins, Phil’s gay sex tape leaks. It’s about the worst thing Sid can imagine happening to anyone.


Other Fandoms
Not Monster Nor Stranger Yuletide 2008)
The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman - Silas - 1800 words
A/N: A passing familiarity with the story of Philomela would not go amiss, although it's not essential.
He found the woman he was looking for in Mela's All-Knite Knitting Place (or possibly Palace), squeezed between a laundry and a shop that looked as though it would sell crystals and smell faintly of cannabis.

What Became of Marie La Fleur (Yuletide 2008)
Beauty and the Beast (1991 movie) - 800 words - Marie La Fleur (one of the blonde triplets) and Belle
Marie was surprised to realize that she didn’t find Gaston nearly so handsome now that he was dead.

Wireless (Yuletide 2008)
The Matrix - 100 words - Trinity
It’s darker in Zion than she expected.

Three Christmases with Miss Honey (Yuletide 2009)
Matilda, by Roald Dahl + stealth crossover fandom - 1800 words - Matilda, Miss Honey
When Matilda was six, she had her first Christmas.

Lift (Yuletide treat 2009)
Firefly/Matilda, by Roald Dahl - 1800 words - River Tam, Matilda
Dreams are the forebrain's interpretation of random signals from the hindbrain.

The Very Small Girl and the Monster
Firefly/BtVS crossover) - River Tam, Spike - 2100 words - spoilers for everything
There's a monster River needs to meet.
DW | LJ | AO3

A Little Shadow That Goes In and Out With Me
Raines - Michael Raines, Dan Lewis, OC - 3100 words
It used to be your favorite thing was telling stories in your head. Only someone murdered you and now you're just another story in his head.

Things Done in the Name of War
Snape, Spike/Buffy - 2000 words
Spoilers: post-NFA; HP spoilers through, hmm, the third or fourth book? It has Snape, so.
Warnings: mpreg. Also utter crack.
Under protest, Severus Snape agrees to help an American muggle and her vampire conceive a child. It only goes downhill from there.
DW | LJ | AO3

I'm Gonna Take Care of You
The Vampire Diaries - Vicki Donovan, Matt Donovan - 600 words - pre-series
Matt's a better kid than she's ever been, and she plans to keep it that way.
DW | LJ | AO3

This Is the World We Made
Dollhouse/BtVS crossover - Dawn Summers, Topher Brink - 1500 words - spoilers for everything
Dawn's tired of being Buffy Summers' little sister. It takes her a long time and another apocalypse to figure out who she is instead.
DW | LJ | AO3

Rather Less Yielding Than a Dream
Downton Abbey - Mary Crawley, Lavinia/Matthew - 6700 words - spoilers through 2.06
Warnings: mpreg, stealth crossover
In which Matthew is pregnant, Lavinia is his wife, and Mary is the glue that holds everything together.
DW | LJ | AO3

Downton Abbey - Thomas Barrow, Sybil Branson, background Sybil/Tom - 1700 words - spoilers through 2nd series Chrismas special
Thomas follows Sybil and Branson to Ireland to try his entrepreneurial hand again and perhaps stir up a little political trouble while he's at it. Which is how he comes to be on the run with pregnant Sybil Branson and the only person on hand when she goes into labor. Lucky him.
DW | LJ | AO3

Railsea, by China Mieville - Abacat Naphi/OFC - 3100 words - spoilers for novel
She stands on deck, weight shifting as natural as breathing with each nickitut nickitut of wheels on rails, & she shields her eyes with her hand - her natural one, made of meat not metal - & you ask, out of what stock does one begin to whittle Abacat Naphi?

Death (of Rats) Take a Holiday - Discworld - Quoth the Raven, Death of Rats - 1500 words
Quoth the Raven takes a holiday with the Death of Rats, sees new sights, and acquires a taste for elephant fleas. Also there's a cat.

I Dated a Tentacle Babe from Outer Space - Roger/Constance - 7400 words
Maybe Roger hadn’t had sex before, but he still had ideas about the morning after. None of them included running for the hills with his alien girlfriend, much less being pregnant with her alien babies.

kraken bits
The Scar, by China Mieville - Tanner Sack/Shekel - 3300 words
Imprisoned, Remade, free now and alone but for his work mates and for Shekel, who liked him - simply and easily, Tanner had thought, though the view was cloudier now. Who’d be surprised at an old invert wanting something like desire turned his way again, after all that?

and then, and then - Pacific Rim - Mako Mori - ficlet
It’s at the Shatterdome, they say, and so she goes.

Unassuming - Dawn Summers, Topher Brink (Dollhouse/BtVS crossover). Drabble. DW | LJ | AO3
Where No One Goes and No One Is - Echo, sort of (Dollhouse). Drabble. DW | LJ | AO3
A Difference in Perspective - Adelle DeWitt, Rupert Giles (Dollhouse/BtVS crossover). Drabble. DW | LJ | AO3
Upstaged - Lucas Wolenczak, River Tam (seaQuest DSV/Firefly crossover). Drabble. DW | LJ | AO3
size matters - Katherine Hitchcock/Ben Krieg (seaQuest). Drabble.

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