SPN: Hollywood Babylon and Folsom Prison Blues

Apr 03, 2011 23:52

Hollywood Babylon
Great fun this. I don't think we've had so purely comic an ep since Hell House.

Especially fun things:
* The tour guide talking about the Gilmore Girls set while the camera zooms in on Sam's face. (The roommate particularly liked this, as she's a GG fan from way back.)
* Dean solving the initial mystery with his encyclopedic knowledge of 3rd rate horror movies.
* Sam's long-suffering in the face of Dean eating, flirting with, or geeking out over everything in sight.
* The fact that Sam knows Latin well enough to recognize a legit summoning ritual when he hears one
* The villain's motivation: revenge on the guys who ruined his script. I'm sure that's not an autobiographical detail at all. Nope. *g*
* The producer integrating all his newfound arcane knowledge into his movie. The cell phone camera trick! Hee!
* Sam and Dean walking off into the sunset. Heh.

Folsom Prison Blues
Another solid ep with lots fun moments and good bits of our boys in action. More of Sam's great-but-finite patience: "I hate this plan!"

However, I've got quibbles.
* I wish Henrickson was represented as a bit more reasonable. It doesn't take an unreasonable man to look at the Dean Winchester file and be deeply disturbed.
* I wish the Dean Winchester charm hadn't won out this time. Honestly. His public defender got won over by a pretty face? Feh.
* What's the deal with the lawyer-client privilege, and why doesn't Dean have it with his PD? Can someone explain this one to me?

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