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Apr 02, 2011 23:08

ETA: I'm temporarily skipping a couple of eps in my review series. I have enough to say about "Houses of the Holy" and "Born Under a Bad Sign" that I'm going to have a rewatch and post the reviews then (probably during S3, when I'm back on the Netflix method and am in withdrawals between disks *g*).

Warning: review contains vague spoilers for significantly later in the series.

Tall Tales
So we met Gabriel. Not by name, but I recognized him because, ah, goldenusagi has an entire moodtheme of him. Now I'm terribly curious: did the writers have the foggiest idea at this point that he was an angel or anything more than an amusing one-off character?

I gotta say, I was not nearly as excited as I wanted to be. The "previously on" segment had me all set for fraternal pranks and similar frivolity, but this wasn't that.

* The dual-POV storytelling, when the boys tell Bobby their story. Y'all know I'm a sucker for this kind of thing.
* Dean, who has the cheesiest, most cornball sense of style ever, as previously noted in his appreciation for Andy Gallagher's van.
* Gabriel's actor, who played his part to the hilt.
* Bobby, cutting the meaningful moment short at the end.

* UTTER RANDOMNESS. Serious. This felt like a scattered bunch of snippets from some other show. A lot of the stuff between Sam and Dean felt OTT. I understand that undercover!Gabriel is a trickster sowing chaos in his wake, but chaos by itself is rather the opposite of a unifying principle.
* That Bobby stepped foot off his junkyard just to be dragged into this. He ought to be like Tom Bombadil, near-invincible in his domain but tied inextricably to it.
* Uh, Gabriel himself? We didn't really get to know him as a character; mostly we just established that he's kind of slimy, especially when it comes to his view of women. Also that he's perfectly fine with killing people for, as Dean put it, being dicks, which was not an executable offense last I checked. Does he moonlight as the angel of death, along with his other angelic activities? (I don't need an answer to this right now; I assume it's all explained at length later on.)
* That Dean has any opinion at all about animal testing. Way to whitewash your blue-collar, gun-totin' action hero there, show.

Yay, the Tricia Helfer ep! This ep is proof that I quite like MOW episodes when the show cares enough about the MOW to write a decent story around it. Helfer did a great job with what she's given; this role convinces me I'm a fan. Also I liked how the emphasis here was the boys helping someone who needed help - even a ghost - more than it was about getting the bad guy. I always appreciate that.

This was a stupid episode with a stupid solution. Really, we're going to end Madison's life RIGHT THIS MINUTE because if we try locking her up instead she might kill someone someday? She doesn't even want to make a will, say goodbye to her folks, nothing? That moon looked pretty darn full the previous night; she probably had a solid three weeks to get her affairs in order before she could possibly be a danger to anyone again.

I wanted to have my heart break for Sam as he goes off crying with his gun to do this thing he hates to do, but the core premise was so stupid I couldn't manage it.

Otherwise, I thought the Sam/Madison stuff was sort of sweet, which is further proof that I find it a lot easier to ship Sam than Dean. If this had been Dean/Madison I'd have been thoroughly irritated.

Loved the whole rock-paper-scissors conversation.


In general: this season I'm getting progressively more irritated with how often killing things is our solution to just about any problem. Werewolf is worried about killing more people? Shoot it. Folks infected with a demonic virus? Forget about restraints or containment; shoot them on sight. Sam might be evil? We should probably shoot him, too. Would-be sex offenders dying? Naturally, it'd makes sense if their murders were a form of divine intervention. A bunch of people are dying deaths straight out of Weekly World News? Yeah, well, they deserved it.

I'm about fed up with immediate execution as a solution to all problems. Half the time it doesn't even make sense.


I will say this, though: it's been nice getting away from the angsty arc of angst for a bit. I was bit concerned that we were going to drown in the stuff.

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