BSG: Exodus (I and II)

Feb 19, 2011 21:55

Oh, Ellen, who irritated me so, who'd have thought I'd be so affected to see you go?

The scene with Saul and Ellen, hands down the best thing about this two-parter. In case we doubt Saul's decision, Ellen seals her own fate: "Even giving them the map. I'd do it again for you. I'd do anything for you." And yet my heart breaks for her and for him, and the respective actors both nail the scene, and... yeah. Perfect.

I was right that Casey wasn't Kara's kid. Bam. Knew it. I think I'm glad it wasn't, as it lets her off the hook a little, emotionally, and also just further demonstrates the filthy depths Scruffy Cylon went to, but it's clear that's not how Kara sees it. I think there's gonna be a whole lot of psychological fallout from Kara's time as a prisoner.

So our Sharon did not actually stumble across her daughter, but the seed has been planted. The days she figures out how much Adama has still been witholding from her will be a very bad day indeed, for both of them.

Despite the fact that Gaius mostly sat around looking pathetic, as usual, he actually regained a whole lot of my sympathies here. I think maybe he turned a corner. Maybe there's still hope of him becoming a human being, or at least sacrificing himself in some heroic act of redemption, which is how these things seem to go. *pauses*

*does not go off on an enraged tangent about "Chosen"*

*moves on*

Not really much in the way of character stuff here. Mostly this was pure action. A couple of nice moments with Lee and his father.

Yeesh, Lee's gonna work that weight off soon, I hope. It's distracting, and I feel that distraction was not the effect the writers were going for.

I rant about this so much that the roommate is sick of hearing about it, but: this fleet needs more medical personnel. One of these days Doc Cottle is just gonna collapse where he stands, and then we will have NO DOCTOR. Because apparently out of the 49k people who survived the initial attack, he was the ONLY ONE.

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