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Jan 03, 2012 22:17

My new year's resolution is to keep track of what movies I watch. I'm only going to track new ones that I see in their entirety, for now just in the theater or on DVD, since I usually don't pay super attention when I watch them on TV. I get to see new movies every Tuesday for free and I have discounted tickets the rest of the week, so I have a tendency to see a lot of movies.

1) January 3 Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Honestly? I enjoyed the first movie way more. This movie was too long and I liked the interactions between Holmes and Watson more in the first one. This one was super drawn out and I was bored through a lot of it, but I was kept more on the edge of my seat during the first movie. The movie was enjoyable, something to watch on a rainy day, but not something I have to go out and get when it comes out on DVD.

2) January 17 Joyful Noise Mom and I have a tendency to go with just the expectations of being entertained and this movie doesn't disappoint. The scene of them in the restaurant (shown in the commercials) was over the top and really not necessary. The ending song was perfectly done and I was really glad we went to see this. It was a good movie, enjoyable, and relaxing but don't go in expecting it to be an award winning movie, it's just something to be entertained with.

3) January 24 Beauty and the Beast in 3D I think this was the first movie I saw in theater and honestly, the 3D part wasn't anything special. I think the movie was better in 2D, but I haven't seen it in a long time. This is a pretty classic Disney movie and it was great to see it on the big screen again.

4) January 31 One for the Money Katherine Heigl is good, but I think her Jersey accent seems a bit off in this movie. The other actors were brilliant but hers sounded like she was trying too hard. This is the first of the Stephanie Plum books and it was an enjoyable storyline, a little violent at points and Mom was not expecting that. I enjoyed the movie but I do hope that they don't make any sequels, as the movie stood well enough on its own.

5) February 14 The Descendants This film was brilliant. I can see why it's getting such great reviews. It deals with so many issues and it was a really sad movie, butt really well done and the scenery, wow. It takes place in Hawaii and BREATHTAKING views. I really loved the family drama here and thought George Clooney was amazing.

6) February 21 The Secret World of Arrietty What a super cute movie by Studio Ghibli. The movie is based on The Borrowers and I feel like I should read the book to comment on that aspect, but I found the movie to be a stereotypical Studio Ghibli film, with a girl and boy relationship, where the girl is the hero and super adorable. The movie also has a halfway decent soundtrack and breathtaking scenes. Really, I enjoyed the movie with the nice touch of cute animals and little bugs that also seem to be a common theme with Studio Ghibli films

7) February 28 Hugo I thought this movie would be a bit more of an adventurous movie, a child-like adventure yes, but my mom and I both thought it was a bit drawn out. A good movie, yes, but marketed poorly and not really advertised clearly what it was about. Sacha Baron Cohen was pretty funny in his role and I loved the two children. If it wasn't for seeing it for free, my opinion of the movie might have been diminished, seeing it for free, yes it was an enjoyable movie.

8) March 13 The Lorax This movie was interesting. I had seen the original animated cartoon as a child and I know the book fairly well, so it was interesting to see how it would play out as a feature length film, starring Zac Efron and Taylor Swift, with Betty White and Danny Devito. It was interesting but I feel like it was more focused on OOOOO PRETTY than the whole evil destroying the environment thing. Enjoyable and the music was cute.

9) March 20 21 Jump Street This movie was absolutely hysterical. Ryan found it incredibly awkward and uncomfortable, but I rather enjoyed it. It poked fun at the whole action genre and teenagers in general, played with stereotypes and was a really funny movie. I knew Johnny Depp's cameo was there, but I was certainly surprised how it came out and it was perfect. Great movie overall.

10) March 28 The Hunger Games Let me just say I haven't read the books but I found the movie a little dull. I saw it at this dine-in theater where they come and serve you food and you can order drinks. It was impressive to be in these giant recliners but the movie just sort of skimmed a lot of things and I didn't really feel for the characters that much. I mean, you barely know the characters' names. Maybe I'll read the books later, but for now, my review stands.

11) April 17 Mirror Mirror My adventure in Europe meant I kept seeing ads for this movie in different languages and Mom and I had also seen previews for this movie a million times. We both went in with low expectations and were pleasantly surprised. It could have used more music throughout the movie, but I did enjoy the movie and how much it poked fun at the fairytale genre and was super light hearted. Overall, a good movie, but a movie I'd recommend on DVD as it was free movie Tuesday when I saw it.

12) April 24 Think Like a Man ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Well cast, well written, overall one of the funniest movies I've seen in a long time, and obviously I watch a lot of movies. This movie was based on Steve Harvey's help book "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" and the book plays an integral role in the movie. This was such a good movie, I really enjoyed it. Definitely see this!!

13) April 28 Pirates: Band of Misfits What a cute movie! It's a claymation movie and super adorable, with just enough laughs to keep me entertained. It's about pirates who get on the bad side of Queen Victoria, somehow try to plunder Charles Darwin's ship, and oh yeah Pirate of the Year competition. The voice actors they cast were SPECTACULAR! I really enjoyed this kiddie movie and glad I saw it.

14) May 1 The Lucky One Granted, this movie is based on a Nicolas Sparks novel, so right off the bat it tell you that it is a stereotypical chick flick. The movie has a happy ending, but I honestly didn't feel enough for the story. Like it was just sort of going through the motions and the trailer was basically the entire movie. As far as something to sit back and enjoy, yes it was good, but I can't bring myself to recommend you run and see it.

15) May 5 The Avengers What an awesome movie. I feel like this movie was almost more of a comedy than a straight action/sci-fi movie. The dialogue was so sharply written, the actors were all well cast. Granted, I think it helps to have watched all of prior movies to understand their personalities. Also there were two bonuses! One at the end of the first credits and one after the scrolling credits. The first one sets it up for a sequel and the last one was just super random and a little lame and funny at the same time.

16) May 15 Dark Shadows I had been looking forward to this movie and I was a little disappointed, probably because they had to squeeze five years of a a television show into a two hour movie so I feel like some things were skimmed over (Carolyn is a werewolf wtf?) and others were spent too much time It's obvious if you saw the trailer what was going to happen, but the background seemed to drag on a bit. It was only okay and a bit weird, but this is why I love free movie Tuesday, I get to experience all kinds of movies.

17) May 22 The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel This film was absolutely brilliant and stars the best aging British actors who are certainly in the prime of their lives and have never been better. Yes, I was probably the youngest in the theater but I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, where a bunch of elderly Brits are outsourced to live out their days at some run down hotel in India and each finds themselves in their setting or discovers what they really want out of life. BRILLIANT film and it's a shame it came out now, instead of for awards season.

18) June 5 Snow White and the Hunstman I love Charlize Theron as the evil Queen and I could watch Chris Hemsworth just fling swords/axes around, but ugh Kristen Stewart. This movie was very dry and honestly it just makes me want to watch Lord of the Rings The Two Towers. Definitely felt very disjointed and I got bored a lot through the movie. But I can't wait to see what Sam Claflin, the actor who played William, will do next, he seems brilliant, or just one of those I could listen to all day.

19) June 12 Moonrise Kingdom See my entry on June 12 for my review of this movie. I absolutely loved it and thought it was a super quirky and enjoyable film.

20) June 19 Rock of Ages I just loved this movie. The storyline parts were pretty boring but I basically watched the movie for the song and dance, which were hysterical. Faovrite part hands down is Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand, I LOVE THESE TWO, THEY TOTALLY MAKE THIS MOVIE! If you love 80s hair metal music, then this is the movie for you. It kept me on my toes and I thoroughly enjoyed this for the laughs.

21) June 22 Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter This movie was absolutely amazing. Some of the fight scenes were a little weird, but overall I loved the fight choreography. The actors were amazing and I can't wait to see more out of Dominic Cooper, who played Henry Sturges. The movie delves away a lot from the book but this is definitely a movie that I feel I should pick up on DVD when it comes out because it definitely seems like one I would rewatch multiple times.

22) June 22 Brave Pixar finally makes a movie with a female hero and I found this enjoyable and I probably wouldn't have seen it unless Parker had suggested it. Apparently it follows pretty closely to a Scottish folklore but I didn't know the original folklore. Enjoyable movie and the characters were great, I LOVED the soundtrack. It's a Pixar movie so some of the parts were a little overdone, but overall pretty good.

23) June 26 Seeking a Friend for the End of the World Steve Carell and Keira Knightley seem like an odd couple, yet they work so well and in the end you are rooting for them all the way. This movie hits home for me, as I have an insane fear of dying alone, and this movie puts it in perspective, what would you do with 3 weeks left to live and knowing that the entire world will end in three weeks? People stop working, power stops, planes stop going places. Who would you spend your last days with?

24) July 10 Magic Mike A movie with Matthew McConaghey and Channing Tatum as male strippers. Seriously, the plot is irrelevant to this movie. The stripping parts were well done and if you go in simply expecting male strippers, you will not be disappointed. Honestly, if they could have cut out the plot it would have been an even better movie.

25) July 17 The Amazing Spiderman This movie was dull and uninteresting. I loved Emma Stone, but once again I felt the movie couldn't keep a good pace and tended to be a bit dull in the middle way too much action at the end and a very inconsistent score. I was disappointed and the movie definitely felt over two hours long. Not that the other Spiderman movie were the end all, but I think they did a better job pacing. Either that or now that I see so many movies, I am a tad jaded and want either really good or so terrible they're amazing movies.

26) July 24 To Rome With Love This is Woody Allen's latest movie and I found the movie to be very disjointed and not cohesive at all. I found the characters awkward and I really didn't sympathize with any of them. Midnight in Paris was a million times better.

27) August 14 Ruby Sparks See my entry on August 14 for my review this movie, which I absolutely loved!

28) August 21 ParaNorman Honestly? I was expecting more out of this movie. It was cute, yes, but I found myself a bit bored with in the middle. It got to the action pretty quickly but then the story sort of lost itself. I also read an article where it said the voice actor of Norman can no longer replicate Norman's voice because his voice changed in the middle of filming and it was quite obvious at points. I thought the script could have been better. I see a lot of movies, so once again, I have high standards.

29) August 28 Sparkle This movie was okay. It is a remake of a 1970s movie. This movie stars Whitney Houston and Jordin Sparks, in Whitney's last film. It was an okay movie but there was a lot it had to cover in the movie and I felt it was too long. Some of the storylines didn't make sense. It takes place in the 1960s, during the rise of Motown and is in Detroit. It was okay, but very long.

30) September 11 The Bachelorette The best way to sum up this movie is "The Hangover starring women" It was okay, Mom found it incredibly raunchy and did not enjoy it at all. The trailer looked funnier and there was HEAVY drug use that wasn't funny, though I enjoyed the Clyde/Gena storyline, partially.

31 September 18 Arbitrage This stars Susan Sarandon and Richard Gere who is a hedge fund manager and the company is going down. He also has a mistress who he kills and how is he going to get out of jail on both counts? The movie leaves you guessing as to how they'll solve it and I'm still debating whether I loved it or not.

32) September 25 Trouble with the Curve Amazing movie with Clint Eastwood, Amy Adams, and Justin Timberlake, but very predictable and more about the drama of the family than baseball.

33) October 2 The Master The acting in this movie was amazing BUT the storyline was drawn out and it took too long for the movie to start up. I don't understand why people were raving about this movie.

34) October 18 Perks of Being a Wallflower I had just recently purchased the book and loved it and had been dying to see this movie. It was well casted with Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller, and Emma Watson as the three leads. The writing was superb and spot on, granted the writer of the book was a scriptwriter first and he was the one who adapted the book and directed the movie, but I was absolutely thrilled with this movie and would highly recommend it. Very emotional movie, but so well done.

35) October 23 Pitch Perfect A movie about competing a capella groups as a comedy. I loved it because it was Glee without the ridiculous drama, the comedic actors were amazing and the songs just kept coming. Mom and I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, even if there were some moments that went over the top.

36) November 13 Wreck it Ralph The short in the beginning of the movie was cute. Overall, I enjoyed Wreck it Ralph but I wasn't overjoyed with it, considering how much hype this movie has been getting. It was cute and happy ending, but eh, nothing too special.

37) November 20 Argo This is a movie starring/directed by Ben Affleck that talks about the declassified mission to rescue 6 Americans from Iran during the Iranian hostage crisis of 1980. It was a really well done film and Mom and I both thoroughly enjoyed it, though there were some scenes that were a bit too much for Mom.

38) November 21 Silver Linings Playbook I had seen this trailer several times and loved them and it stars Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and Robert DeNiro and everyone is perfect. The yelling scenes were very well done and I loved how everyone acted in this movie. The story is about two crazy people and how they find each other through their craziness. It's also about family and love and pretty lighthearted. Great movie, highly recommend it.

39) December 4 Rise of the Guardians This movie had a lot of laughs and the voice actors were well done, but I didn't really care for the plot and the storyline was definitely stereotypical kiddie movie. Cute animation but I probably wouldn't have seen it if it was free.

40) December 11 Playing for Keeps This movie stars Jessica Biel and Gerard Butler but oh what a terrible movie! My mom and i thought it would be a cute chick flick movie, but oh ho no! This was almost as bad as This is War (see below) and if we weren't in the theater, I probably would have stopped watching. It just didn't have anything going for it. The characters weren't developed and I didn't really care for any of them. There weren't very many funny moments either. Seeing as many movies as I do, I have a really refined taste in what I will tolerate from movies now.

1) January 7 Never Let Me Go This movie stars Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley, but I feel like the first half of the movie they were absent and it was "young" versions. I had read the book years ago, possibly freshmen year of college, and could not put it down. The movie moves slowly (if you notice, I love movies that tell a riveting story) but for this movie, it fits. There isn't much music to it, so instead you focus entirely on the characters and how they interact and grow together. The movie was enjoyable as a retelling of the novel, but it's frustrating when the DVD skips because it's scratched from the library.

2) January 8 The Girl Who Played With Fire Now I had seen the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo in Swedish with English subtitles prior to Christmas and just now got a chance to get this out of the library. I have been enjoying these movies, but of course, my library has the movie editions. The movie editions are shorter than the extended series, and quite frankly, the movies are LONG. I again want to read the books to see how they differ. I'm glad to be watching them at home because there are a lot of pretty brutal scenes, and although I have a fairly hard stomach, I don't know how much I could sit through in the theater. Obviously it is necessary to watch the first movie, but I did enjoy this movie. It was a bit slow and seems sandwiched. Trilogies are always hard to judge, you never know how the second and third movies will be. This was a good movie but being subtitled means I have to really sit and focus to understand every little detail and in these movies, it's all about the details.

3) January 10 Life As We Know It This is that movie with Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel, whose friends die and leave their child to their care. I do not recommend this movie. It was a pretty typical movie and I found myself a little bored by it. The laughs were cheap and again, I go see way too many movies that over the years, it takes a little bit more to get me interested. Between that and all of the dramas/TV shows I've seen so many overused plots. There are a few unique ones in the movie, but was it worth it? Not really. Luckily, I just got this on DVD from the library.

4) February 8 The Back Up Plan This was actually a really cute and funny movie, much better than the trailers portrayed it. J. Lo has no love life and her biological clock is ticking, then once she gets pregnant, she find the dream guy and this is about the misadventures they have during her pregnancy. I enjoyed the movie and actually thought there were funny parts left out of the trailer, which is always a good thing. I hate when the only funny moments are the things you see in the trailer. Enjoyable movie to watch, but I'm glad I didn't see it in theaters.

5) February 12 Love & Other Drugs I can say I didn't much care for this movie. Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal had good chemistry, but the whole premise of the movie was awkward and I didn't care for the story. Mostly bored and ended up picking a book up in the middle to get through the movie.

6) February 19 Taken This was an entertaining movie, yes, but I just wasn't that into it. I don't know, the story just didn't grip me. Liam Neeson is an amazing actor but again, stupid naive girls! The action seemed a bit forced at times. Again, I see so many movies that I almost expect them to either be just entertaining or super perfect lately.

7) February 20 17 Again This movie was cute and amusing, but I also found it a bit drawn out and a story that had been done a million times. I enjoyed the actors but was a bored. Maybe I've outgrown a lot of the teen flicks.

8) March 3 Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy I saw the British TV miniseries starring Alec Guinness from the 1980s but I thought it was worth mentioning here. It was really good show, but very drawn out and definitely encompasses everything that happens in the books. I feel it was better as far as capturing the 1970s London, as opposed to the 2011 movie which was more like 1960s Britain. Now I do think both casts have their merits, I suppose I liked the overall cast better in the 2011 version. You could also tell the score wasn't the best in the miniseries.

9) March 11 Paul This movie stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost with Kristen Wiig. HYSTERICAL. It's a pretty light heartened movie and I love all of the side characters. This movie is about two British guys and the alien they find with the mishaps that occur. I was amused and definitely something to just watch in the background.

10) March 12 Bad Teacher This movie was amusing and good background noise, but I'm glad I didn't go to the theater to see it. Cameron Diaz is good at playing the dumb blonde who goes through changes and sees the error in her ways. I do enjoy seeing that.

11) March 15 Midnight in Paris This movie was brilliant. Very Woody Allen, but I loved the transition between modern day Paris and 1920s Paris and the realization at the end of the film. It was a bit slow paced and the soundtrack was mostly instrumental, but I really enjoyed this film. I have to say, 2011 was the year of films. There were so many great movies up for Oscars that I actually saw.

12) April 5 Final Destination 5 This was just like any of the other Final Destinations and wasn't impressive at all. If you can't stand gore and blood, avoid this movie! I watched this on the bus from Berlin to Amsterdam and my seatmate was freaking out because of how bloody it was.

13) April 7 The Smurfs I don't get why they keep remaking classic kiddie shows into live action films. Even though this had Jayma Mayes and Neil Patrick Harris I was still not impressed, the Smurfs worked much better as a cartoon and not wandering around New York City.

14) April 9 30 Minutes or Less Not impressed with this movie. Honestly, any movie where the main character is a stoner automatically turns me off. I don't sympathize with the character and the movie was not funny at all, and just dumb. But it was free on the flight back from London.

15) April 25 In Bruges After having been to Bruges, and having scenes pointed out while I was there, I felt like I should watch this movie. It was entertaining, butt it was not a movie I would normally enjoy as it's a bit of a gritty crime movie. I did enjoy listening to all of the accents and thought the movie was well done, just not my cup of tea.

16) April 27 Thor As the Avengers movie comes out next week, I feel I should watch all of the movies and Thor is the only one I didn't see it theaters or own on DVD, so I checked it out of the library. There's a reason I don't own it. As compared to the other Avenger movies, it is my least favorite but that's not saying too much as I do absolutely love the other Avenger movies (Even Dad loves Iron Man). The movie wasn't that thrilling compared to the others, but I feel the backstory will be good when I go see The Avengers.

17) May 19 Your Highness This stars James Franco, Natalie Portman and some other dude whose name I can never remember. Honestly, I did not enjoy this movie and couldn't get into it at all, it just seemed absolutely ridiculous and something I would have enjoyed watching with friends rather than just by myself.

18) May 23 Incendies This movie got rave reviews when it hit the international filmfest circuit and it was quite a powerful film. Long and drawn out, it becomes impossible to watch at moments when you realize what horrors the poor characters have gone through. The ending is quite a twist and I wish I hadn't ruined it by reading the wikipedia article. This takes place at some Middle Eastern country in the middle of a war and is about a son and daughter discovering their mother's past and finding their father. It was a well told story, though I will definitely have to take a second look at.

19) May 24 A Dangerous Method Even the great Michael Fassbender, who I could listen to all day, could not save this movie. I found it terribly dull and that Keira Knightley went a bit far in playing her role. At first I thought it was brilliant but then it went into overacting. The film deals with Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud and Sabrina Speilrein before World War I. It was a bit tedious of a movie and I'm glad I watched it on DVD rather than going to the theater.

20) May 28 The Last Station This movie stars James McAvoy, Christopher Plummer, Helen Mirren and Paul Giamatti, so right off the bat you know it's going to be a good movie, or at least a well-acted movie. The movie resolves around the conflict of Leo Tolstoy and the fate of works, whether to let them fall into public domain or allow his family to inherit them. An interesting look in Russian culture, but I don't think I could recommend it to anyone who doesn't enjoy slow paced indie films.

21) May 31 Date Night This movie starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell isn't going to be a classic comedy movie, but it is a good movie for a lighthearted evening. I enjoyed the movie but didn't think it was anything extraordinary.

22) June 2 The Invention of Lying This is about a world where there is no lying until Ricky Gervais's character figures out he can lie, but the rest of the world takes everything he says at face value because they don't believe anyone can lie. It's an interesting premise and actually delves much deeper than the simple summary. I enjoyed the movie.

23) June 3 The Boys are Back I saw this trailer on some random movie I watched last year, and it looked interesting. Honestly, I just kept the movie on because I could watch Clive Owen all day and listen to him. The story itself was a nice heartfelt story but nothing too exciting and it was a little predictable. I really ought to stop reading the wikipedia entries for movies because they tend to spoil most movies.

24) June 4 The International I only picked this action movie for Clive Owen and to me it seems a lot like In Bruges, or at least how I felt about In Bruges while watching it. The movie has a bit of action, but I didn't really care for it. Honestly, I was only watching this movie for Clive Owen and can't say I'll watch it again.

25) June 7 The Nanny Diaries I had read the book years ago and thoroughly enjoyed it and the movie was cute, but the book was better. I liked the pacing of the book better than the movie, I thought parts were drawn out and other parts seemed a bit rushed.

26) June 9 The History of the World: Part I Why haven't I seen this movie before? It was hysterical and so funny and why has no one made me watch it? i loved it and all of its classic movie glory. Really great movie, especially the previews for a part II that never happened.

27) June 13 Limitless The previews for this movie, starring Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro, make it seem much more like an action movie but I didn't feel the thrill of this movie. The movie was narrated too long for my taste and it jumped in time a bit. It wasted time since I don't have cable currently, but otherwise was a fairly dull movie.

28) June 17 Surrogates This movie, starring Bruce Willis, was really interesting in concept, but I thought it fell a little flat in some parts and sped up through others. What would happen if you could live your life through a robot so that there would be no danger to yourself? Interesting story, but I don't know if I'd watch it again.

29) June 23 Big Trouble in Little China SUPER 80s MOVIE! OMG Asians must use martial arts! Cheesy costumes! Ridiculous synthesizer! Crazy monster and legend, what? This movie was amusing but super ridiculous. I enjoyed it for what it was.

30) July 23 The Big Year This is supposed to be a comedy starring Jack Black, Owen Wilson, and Steve Martin but I can definitely see why it bombed in theaters. The writing is slow and I think it'd be a better suited as a slice of life rather than comedy. It's about three guys who are on the hunt to see the most species of birds in a year.

31) July 25 The Kids are All Right This movie deals with a lesbian couple who used a sperm donor to have their two children. Now that the one child is 18, the children search out their sperm donor who then tears the family apart. It was honestly boring and incredibly awkward to watch. I watch too many movies and i hate awkward cringe worthy moments, which this movie was chock full of.

32) August 1 The Ides of March This political intrigue movie was actually quite dull and I realized, over this past year, just how little I care for politics in general which could explain my extreme dislike of this movie and how I never managed to get into this movie. The logic wasn't very solid in my head.

33) August 2 Sin City I can see why a lot of people liked this movie, but I found the storyline to be not very cohesive and wished a few more things were either explained or answered. It was an interesting use of a film technique with few colors being used, but as far as being this amazing film, I didn't really care for it. Again, I tend to stick towards movies with a great storyline. Or a movie that is so bad it's awesome.

34) August 4 Morning Glory This movie is about a morning news show, a competitor to the Today show that takes place in New York. It started really nice and breezy and then just slowed to a crawl. The trailer was way more impressive and Mom and I both thought it dragged in the middle and the romance storyline was too rushed and not fleshed out well at all. I'm glad i Just got this movie out of the library.

35) August 8 This Means War This is he first movie all year I haven't even been able to get through. Mom and I got through 30 minutes of this movie before we realized that the trailer greatly overexaggerated the awesomeness of this movie. It was such a slow start and I didn't really care for the characters. We both agreed that we are glad we didn't go to see this for Free Movie Tuesday when it came out back in February.

36) August 11 Sideways This movie was very slow and we were disgusted at the characters attitudes and I couldn't understand how this movie won all the awards it did. I did enjoy all the wine discussions but I feel there is probably a better movie for that.

37) August 16 Charlie Barlett I was surprised to see two of my favorite actors, Kat Dennings and Robert Downey Jr in this film. It starts out great, similar in concept to the trailer but by the end I was bored and confused at the sheer ridiculousness of the movie. I find that movies have to be really well done for me lately. This movie did not cut it.

38) August 20 The Girl on the Train This French movie sounded way better on the back of the box than it did when I tried to watch it. I got through 40 minutes of it before I wiki'd it and realized it would be a crappy movie and turned it off. Not pleased.

39) September 17 Super 8 JJ Abrams needs to stop putting his name on everything, this movie was not very interesting and I did not get the 1970s feel from it. It tried but the attitude of the kids did not feel at all like the 1970s. Overall, did not enjoy.

40) September 23 The Debt This movie is based on a Israeli movie and I found it to be ok, very dramatic and the acting was superb but a little to dark for my tastes. Helen Mirren is, as always, fabulous

41) November 13 The Last Song I picked this movie up for Liam Hemsworth and I do love his smile, but this is your standard Nicolas Sparks movie and I really can't stand Miley Cyrus. Plus this movie is basically "Life as a House" which is one of my favorite movies.

42) November 26 The Vow I had wanted to see this movie when it came out in theaters, but Mom went with someone else instead. I love Channing Tatum and he was perfect in this movie. It's an interesting concept for a movie but I thought the ending was a little rushed and left a little bit to be desired.

43) November 29 Like Crazy This movie, starring Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin, was a terrible movie. Apparently the whole movie was ad-libbed and it shows. It's about an American and British who fall in love and the British girl can't return to the US anymore so they have to try to find their way back together. I was so bored through this movie and I didn't really see the love story.

44) November 30 Cirque du Freak: Vampire's Assistant What a weird movie. It looked interesting in the trailers but I was more grossed out and didn't care for the plot. It was just a weird movie of dealing with the super natural and the whole teens OMG not your best friend we are totally going to fight against each other.

45) December 1 Winter's Bone I watched this movie for Jennifer Lawrence and that is pretty much the only reason to watch this movie. Her acting is incredible but the storyline definitely was not my thing, there wasn't much to it, though after seeing this movie I can completely see why she was chosen as Katniss because she's so fiercely protective of her family in this role. I love her as an actress and can't wait to see what else she will do.

46) December 2 In Time Starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfriend. What if instead of money everything was dealt with time and you stopped aging past age 25? It was an interesting concept but I felt the action fell flat and I couldn't keep myself watching to really feel for the characters. Of the last four movies, I guess this is just behind Winter's Bone and Winter's Bone is only so high because of the acting.

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