Kneel Before Nick J!

Oct 13, 2009 14:23

Heheh--so x_city_lights posted some of her pics from the kickball/softball game this weekend, and the discussion turned to how during the softball games, Joe's M.O. apparently is to stand around zoning out and/or showing epic fail at basic game playing aspects.

I commented that I bet Joe's approach to the game has to piss off/frustrate Nick to no end, since Nick treats these friendly softball games like they're fucking Game 7 of the World Series, what with the running at top speed and flinging himself at the bases.

She then relayed a story from this weekend's game that is such an instant classic, it really needs to be retold every Christmas:

He was so pissed. I think my friend has a picture of it, or maybe I just remember it happening, but towards the end of the game when Nick was back at shortstop (or at least not in the outfield) Joe didn't even try to catch it. He looked over in Nick's direction and looked pretty fucking scared as Nick started approaching him. His face was just like "Oh shit, Nick's coming over here. Nick's coming. Oh fuck!" He(Nick) ended up going to talk to someone else but it was HILARIOUS as Joe was waiting to feel the wrath of Nick.

That, my friends, is why Nick J is off the chain! LOL!

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